Monkeys are not only one of the most interesting animals featuring in numerous children’s movies and TV shows.
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Well, the monkey is not only a jolly and tricky creature it is also wise, knowledgeable and intelligent. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Small Tattoos, Viking Tattoos, Gypsy Tattoos and Finger Tattoos.
The wearer finds the monkey a perfect synonym for her alter ego as she is playful and mischievous.
The funny small monkeys encircling the leg are a simile for the wearer’s gang of funny friends. The playful girl expresses her love for bananas with this monkey tattoo carved on her upper back.
The playful and fun-loving girl expresses her nature through a cute small tattoo that shows monkeys in mischievous poses. Small and detailed monkey tattoo done above the ankle looks very catchy and symbolizes the easygoing attitude of the girl.
Symbol of intelligence and a scientific bent of mind, the monkey tattoo looks very interesting.
The wearer was born in the Chinese year of monkey and this cute tattoo is a tribute to the same. This funny monkey sends out the message of affection, peace, compassion and mercy in a naughty style.

The guy sports his fighter’s attitude through a cute tattoo that is also indicative of his playful nature.
Super interesting monkey tattoo that is sure to get numerous eyeballs because of its funny pose. The wearer’s daughter was born in the year of monkey and therefore, he got a simian tattoo along with her name in Kanji to express his love. Take a look at the funny tattoo that depicts an adorable little monkey slipping on a banana peel. This cool side tattoo conveys the mischievous nature of the guy who also becomes destructive at times. The wearer loves songs and dance and expresses his passion through a guitar wielding monkey tattoo. Enjoy and live life like a monkey because death can come at any time; the monkey looking at a skull stands for this very fact. The girl got the monkey tattoo on her arm as it reminds her to tame the mind monkey; a term of Buddhist philosophy that refers to the restless and impulsive mind.
Check out the guy’s back displaying a dark monkey tattoo that is a symbol of playfulness and intelligence. This dark monkey tattoo, sitting on the back, symbolizes the fact that the wearer was born in the Chinese year of monkey. The wearer’s little sister was born in the Chinese year of monkey and this tattoo expresses her love for her sibling.
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They are also one of the most symbolic creatures often featured in tattoos and other forms of body art.
The Hindu religion considers it to be an incarnation of lord Shiva and the monkey-god “Hanuman” is widely worshiped. It also symbolizes the wearer’s Gemini sun sign and the fact that she was born in the year of monkey. Like many other animal tattoo designs, monkey tattoos can symbolize anything one wants them to, but they most commonly represent honor, protection, luck, energy, liveliness, intelligence and the untamed natural forces. Monkey tattoos easily qualify for this exclusive tag as they have a playful and cute charm that is missing in all other tattoos. The zodiac angle is also seen in the simian tattoo in the form of people wearing the body art form to represent their connection with the Chinese year of monkey. Funny, cute and small monkey tattoos are some of the most popular varieties while more ornate tattoos are often featured on the back, shoulder or upper arm. Here we have shortlisted a collection of 26 images that will give you more details about the interesting tattoo. Therefore, people who adore these qualities or are themselves mischievous or funny get their bodies inked with the monkey tattoo.

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