Over the years, the art of tattooing has become a popular form of artistic expression among Americans. The National Laser Institute has a several laser treatment training courses to choose from and a numerous course-combination packages. Did you know that Americans spent $10 billion dollars on non-invasive cosmetic procedures in 2014? Instead of focusing on only cosmetic surgery, now plastic surgeons can enhance their services with non-invasive procedures for cellulite reduction or body sculpting. According to Marketdata Enterprises, the most popular non-invasive procedures are tattoo removal and laser hair removal.
In order to take advantage of business opportunities such as these, additional training and equipment is needed. About UsEndo-Systems supplies med-spas and wellness centers with top-of-the line Endermologie equipment, products, and services.
Endo-Systems supplies med-spas, medical offices and wellness centers with top-of-the line Endermologie equipment, products, and services.
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I started really getting into the convention circuit around 1995-1996 and towards the mid-to-late 90s there was already a decent amount of annual national as well as international shows.
Throughout this period in the mid-to-late 90s there were two shows in particular that everyone in the industry, including me and my peers always tried to get to, and those were the Richmond and Atlanta Tattoo Arts Festivals put on by BIRD and hosted by Billy Eason and Tony Olivas. The other partner in crime then was Tony… Tony is a mellow, motorcycle riding good southern shop owner and smokin’ black and grey tattoo wizard! When I began to talk to some tattooer friends of mine about their spring plans, the word on the streets was a ton of folks in the tattoo community were either going to hang at or going to work the 4th Annual Roc City Tattoo Expo in Rochester, NY put on by Jet, Shane  and Love Hate Tattoo. There were enough people I love and wanted to see going that I booked a flight, which just so happened to be two days after getting home from an eight week tour… Ugh! Jet was also explaining how they didn’t want suppliers at the convention so that inks, needles, etc.

I miss those kind of road trips, and this was the kind of convention you’d road trip with your boys to! Only a few blocks away was The Dinosaur Barbeque that had unbelievable food a great atmosphere, and the balls to handle a three-day onslaught of tattoo conventioneers with big eyes and bigger guts.
Lots of the usual suspects were killing it all weekend; Justin Shaw, Danny Reed, Henry Rodriguez, Dawn Cooke, Brad Fink, Keet, Chad Soner, Jason Phillips, Greg Christian, Krooked Ken, Bruno, Rennie and Jeremy Swed but I also got to see some unbelievable tattooing by some lesser known to me, but by no means lesser quality tattooers like Clifton Boggs, Ian Dana, Skye James, Marie Sena, Marina Inoue, Ezra Haidet and Tony Derigo, who is a true gentleman, we need more like him in this business! No convention gathering would be complete without the usual partying and or late-nite-ing that always seem to accompany such an event and there was certainly no shortage of that, again let me re-state that this hotel was not only fully tolerant of the shenanigans and attitudes of standard post 3 a.m. I want to thank Jet, Shane, Love Hate Tattoo, the Radisson Riverside and all of the great people who hung out and worked the expo for a fantastic weekend! Jet, I will be coming back for sure and since this was the first convention I’ve been to in years where everyone, yes everyone had a blast… I’m sure they all will too. If you choose to take only the tattoo removal course, you can complete your training in as little as three days for the cost of $3,000. As innovations in the beauty industry advance, there is an increasing amount of new opportunities for aesthetic professionals to grow their businesses. From plastic surgeons to dermatologists, offering an expanded portfolio of services helps bring in new clients. Non-invasive procedures are becoming increasingly popular because they are fast, easy, and have little downtime.
The best choices of med spa equipment for your business will be high-tech, yet easily integrate into a spa environment, so that comfort and style are key elements. Shows like The National Tattoo Convention , Ink ‘N Iron and Inkslingers Ball sort of paved the way for a convention vibe that had a real friends and family feel, as well as showcasing a blossoming art form.
I’m not quite sure if the principle reason these two shows were so goddamn great was because these two gentlemen put love, heart and soul into them but that’s a good place to start. I don’t see it that way, I see the weeding out of possible negative elements like scratchers that just happen to want to pay for a booth so they can blast rap-metal try to fuck everything that walks, flash their sick choppers and do shitty tattoos.
The hotel lobby was feeling more like a destination for tattoo travelers, like a Port Authority of trouble makers or almost Woodstock like. I think everyone made it there at least once, and the Dino put a few heavy hitters on their backs for sure! I never heard one complaint from anyone, and during a time when you can go to a convention EVERY weekend that’s saying something.

Additionally, poor artwork or personal evolution may cause tattoo lovers to become regretful of having scarred their skin.
The curriculum provides one full day of in-class didactic and two days spent in the on-site luxury spa observing and performing procedures on real clients.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Billy was a crazy and mildly frightening old-timer who ran a few shops and had a booming voice, big rings, a fucking cane, white beard… the works.
I knew the weekend was headed in the right direction when I saw Danny Reed, Brian Bruno, Swed and Mike Rennie and they had rented a van to drive from North Carolina to Richmond, VA all the way to upstate NY and had just gotten to the hotel from Niagara Falls! Parent-like eye rolling when the security busted a good-hearted drunken tattooer pissing on the wall in front of the lobby. If you choose to take the comprehensive laser course, it will include hair removal, wrinkle reduction and intense pulse light photofacial training in addition to the tattoo removal course. Jet has over a decade and change doing the tattoo convention thing and four years in on this thing. Something that may be commonplace that I thought was true veteran thinking by those guys too was in the check-in packet every booth received a menu from a great restaurant run by their friends that would deliver your call-in order right to your booth… Genius.
You can complete most laser tattoo removal courses in less than a week and be on your way to a lucrative new career. Exactly what anyone who knew some shit thinks of when they think of a classic old school tattoo shop owner, not necessarily a saint but a colorful character. I shared a room with Steve Turner who probably sold at least 15 machines over the weekend along with tattooing non-stop. Him, Heath, Megan, and Matty from Hell Bomb Tattoo in Wichita Kansas, great tattooers and a serious tat-shop, had many times when all four were tattooing, it was great!

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