Just like any surgery or procedure that requires breaking or opening the skin a new tattoo leaves a very big opening for infections to begin.
There will be some pain when the ink is done and may last a few days, but if it starts to hurt worse instead of feeling better this may mean you are starting an infection. If there is an unusual odor, discharge, red streaks or sores these are sure signs that there is an infection in that area. When you get a tattoo know that they do take some time to look after and please take the proper care of your tattoo so none of this happens to you.
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Here are five symptoms of a tattoo infection that will help you to know if there is something wrong. You should go directly to the doctor and show them the new tattoo and tell them when you got the tattoo done.
After a day or so it should start to go down if it does not in a few days that is another sign that you may be starting an infection.

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This could lead to bigger problems with you such as blood poisoning, staph infection or worse. At the first sign of a tattoo infection please seek medical attention to stop a small problem form turning into a big problem.

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