My tattoo will be close to this one, minus the ballerina and the perfume bottle, mine will also be on my left upper arm.
I've been cleaning and moisturising solidly with bepanthen and switched to coco butter yesterday.
A friend went to the same studio and said his finished flaking in a week, even though he said his was itchy it was more the hair growing back that was a problem. I use bep for like 2-3 days and now I am finding that sometimes not even bothering with the bep and letting it just natural heal! Thanks for the help guys, part of me thinks I'm worrying needlessly but I wanted to be sure. I find the leg can sometimes take a bit longer to heal than other areas, the itchiness will go away soon.
Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post The safety of tattoo ink ingredients? How did it come about that you decided you wanted to start your producing career with Modern Chemistry? Tell us the story of how you guys started working with Adam [Lazzara], and what it was like working with him as opposed to the first two EPs that you did totally on your own? JZ: We ended up playing a bunch of shows with [Taking Back Sunday] throughout the last year and a half, and became really friendly with the whole band. Cain Velasquez is basically the toughest man on the planet that’s not carrying a gun.

We didn't want to copy Kim from LA ink so were mixing it up and ours will be so much cooler and much more lady like, not to say this isn't. I panicked a little at the flaking so thought I needed to moisturise more, but I realise now that might have actually hindered the healing. I have to wear trousers for work, even though I'm sticking to loose-fitting cotton I'm guessing it's not getting as much air as it would on my arm. We also talked to Lazzara to find out more about how he handpicked the band for his debut as a producer. Head below to check out the music video for "Part Three," and see what both had to say about the experience working together. They went in their rehearsal space, and it really speaks to them having a vision and doing the most with what they had at hand. When it started, I wanted to just be on the road, and then I feel like as time goes on I just want to be in the studio, it kind of shifted. There was a disconnect, like, man, we gotta put something fresh out, so people can see how we’ve grown.
I think he used two types of yellow ink - a brighter yellow (at the top and bottom of the clock) which isn't a problem, and a more mustardy shade on the clock face and this is the part giving me a problem.
To date, the headliner of the first ever UFC on FOX fight card only has two pieces of ink on his body, but they’re both pretty big and pretty visible.
On the right sie of his torso, he has some religious iconography, which is very well done and very intricate.

We had a theme color-wise and look-wise, and we kind of gathered all these things we could find that were super random… just to create a little bit of our own world for that song to live in and for this whole EP to live in.
I thought they did a great job, and to hear how long they’d been a band, and to see they were already at that level, was really impressive. I hope it goes in a good direction, but for now it’s all about writing and recording, and making sure we put out the best thing we can. I think this song captures exactly the next step, and it’s just tightening it up and going for it.
We went down to North Carolina in the middle of February for a quick few days, and it was awesome.
It was great how much Adam really cared about all the songs, since he knew we only had a short amount of time to work on them.
I would send him really bad cellphone recordings of the songs or acoustic versions, and then he’d call me up and be like, “Hey, can you guys try to do this here?
It was this really cool process where we’d continuously have a conversation back and forth. We have no pressure from anyone to have this out on a certain timeline, so we’re going to be able to spend as much time as we need to get it exactly where we need it to be.

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