Riding a motorcycle is all about that sense of liberation, and biker tattoos reflect this feeling. Once upon a time biker tattoos were associated with criminals and done with handmade equipment and improvised inks. You know them when you see them, but what are the essential elements of biker tattoo designs?
Skulls: the most popular choice is the skull or a skeleton, combined with flames, a snake, glowing eyes, etc.
Eagles: these are the symbol of the United States and a common choice for bikers, who are usually very patriotic. Hearts: these are a common theme for the ladies, usually combined with bows or ribbons, barbed wire, etc.
Other "old school" tattoos are popular choices for bikers, like women, daggers, dragons and blazing tires.

Many biker tattoos feature the Harley Davidson name or logo, sometimes on its own, and sometimes as part of an intricate design.
Eagles or eagle wings: these are very American symbols and a part of the Harley Davidson logo.
Biker tattoos vary greatly with regard to how much skin they cover, but generally speaking they are not small. In a sense, how many tattoos a biker has does indicate how committed he is to the lifestyle. After cease and desist notice from Donald Trump, USA was removed from the logo and pageant title.  Seriously!
These bold, striking, rebellious designs are a symbol of the open road, and of the segment of society that enjoys it the most. But times have changed and riding a bike has gone mainstream: many weekend bikers hold down conventional jobs and get their tattoos from a legitimate tattoo parlor.

Most bikers have a tattoo on their arm because motorcycle gear usually covers everything else, but that doesn’t mean they are limited to the arm of course. Weekend bikers might have one or two, but a sleeve or body shirt reveals a more hard-core commitment. Obviously, a Harley Davidson tattoo is going to demonstrate a passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

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