Hello & Welcome!If you are looking for specific tattoo magazines and cannot find them, or if you represent a tattoo magazine and would like to advertise here, feel free to drop us a note.
With award-winning articles and mind-blowing pictorials, Tattoo Revue is one of the better tattoo magazines around. Tattoos Downunder is Australia's premier Tattoo Magazine and consists of 120 full gloss colour pages dedicated to the tattoo lifestyle. Australia is known for its vibrant tattoo culture -- find out why by checking out Tattoos Downunder. Even if you don't speak Swedish (the language this magazine is written in), you're sure to enjoy Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine for all it's beautiful women and their gorgeous tattoos.
Rebel Ink Magazine focuses on "hardcore ink." The people featured in this magazine are covered head to toe with vivid and detailed tattoos sure to shock and awe any reader.
Magazine covering a variety of topics including reviews, photos of skin art from around the globe, new equipment, and information on tattoo conferences. Tattoo RevolutionTattoo Revolution Magazine is a NEW publication dedicated to the future of tattooing!

Part fantasy, part magic and mystery, part dream come to life, this dazzling display of dermagraphics explores the mystique, the beauty, and the art of tattooing.
It offers plenty of solid advice about getting a tattoo, from placement to style to subject.
Get full picture spreads on your favorite celebrity and hip-hop stars, pinups, shop reviews, and more.
The artists featured are considered some of the best when it comes to tattooing, especially when tattooing very detailed and elaborate images.
If you're into the modern party scene, stuff like nu skool flash art and piercing displays, hang on for a radical roller coaster ride to the other side in each issue of this nasty and notorious magazine. It's a monthly magazine that celebrates tattoos and tattoo art, seeking out the most innovative and exciting body adornment from around the world and delivering it in a beautifully produced package.
It features a HUGE tattoo picture gallery to help you get ideas for your next tattoo, the free Tattoo Lettering Designer with over 500 fonts for you to create and print your own lettering designs, as well as a "design your own tattoo" service. Tattoos have penetrated into all areas of pop culture by now, so come explore the world of Inked!

Tattoo Revue bares it all, from the lowdown on the biggest tattoo conventions, interviews with both up-and-coming and established tattoo artists, plus plenty of celebrity coverage -- those with ink only need apply! This is THE magazine to go for if you're looking for the latest word in tattoos in the urban culture.
Each monthly issue takes you on a tour of fascinating illustrated people from around the globe. Each issue contains hundreds of new designs as well as tons of photos, so opening each issue is like getting a big package of new tattoo designs. Explore close-up, in-the-flesh examples of all tat styles -- biker, traditional, military, Oriental, blackwork, neotribal, full-blown custom -- it's all here.

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