Photos of tattoos on living canvasses are shared and top artists in the field receive recognition on the pages of tattoo magazines. TATTOO Magazine – This is the world’s top-selling tattoo magazine, published monthly by Paisano Publications (the publishers of Easy Rider).
Skin & Ink Magazine – This magazine is long on articles but short on the copious photos and flash art to be found in some of the other leading tattoo magazines. Tattoo Savage Magazine – This is another of the tattoo magazines from Paisano Publications, the same folks who publish TATTOO Magazine. Tattoo Flash –Tattoo Flash is the third magazine in the trifecta of tattoo magazines from Paisano Publications. Urban Ink – The biggest most comprehensive, tattoo magazine devoted exclusively to People of Color and their ink.

International Tattoo Art – This magazine provides a global look at the art of tattooing and the international body art scene. Skin Art Magazine – This is one of the most colorful and bold of the tattoo magazines, featuring detailed, close-up color photographs of the latest trends and styles in body art. Inked Magazine – A newcomer to the tattoo magazine scene, Inked Magazine covers the tattoo lifestyle, including pop culture and the music scene. Tattoo Revue – One of the oldest and most established tattoo magazines on the market, Tattoo Revue showcases the work of the world’s best tattoo artists and features articles on all aspects of the art of tattooing. All of these tattoo magazines have websites with photos and excerpts from their most recent issues. Tattoo Life magazine contains interviews with the finest international artists, footages of the main international conventions, news, music, curiosities, artwork, fashion, splendid cover-girls.

This tattoo publication focuses on what is referred to as “hardcore ink,” featuring people who are covered head-to-toe with vibrant and detailed body art in every issue. Incredible photography, intelligent writing, full coverage of conventions and parties around the world, tattoo news and product reviews, plus amazing artwork set this publication apart from all others in its field. Tattoo Life is simply the greatest tattoo magazine out on the market today (in our opinion). The tattoo artists introduced in Rebel Ink are known as the best of the best when it comes to the most elaborate images out there.

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