Let me be straightforward: The Last of Us is one of the best PlayStation 3 exclusives and an exhilarating roller coaster ride. In The Last of Us, gamers are given control of Joel, a very deep character with an unkempt beard that you end up liking.
I normally don’t explore every region of a game world, but the Last of Us compelled me to do so. At first, it seemed like your regular cup of coffee – a post apocalyptic setting, shooting and staying alive. The former has to escort the latter across the United States, or what’s left of it anyways.
There aren’t any nuisances or limitations when it comes to gameplay, which makes it easier for the game to seamlessly transition from one part to the next. If I were you, I would keep kids away from this game at all costs unless you want them to have nightmares.
It borrows some significant elements from The Walking Dead, The Road and a few other places. It’s impossible not to develop an attachment to this duo comprising of marvelously portrayed characters.
This is an important aspect of the Last of Us and one which it displays quite effectively as you can’t help but feel sympathetic for most of the characters.

Like with Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth, players will find it difficult not to adore Ellie and her interesting, yet curious personality. Sometimes, when you kill enemies in the game, you’ll think back at some point and realize whether it was the right thing to do.
Furthermore, although exploration is there, the game tends to feel a little linear at times. The voice acting is near perfect, the animations are realistic, the gore is sickening (which is a good thing) and everything feels alive and vibrant. The Infected are definitely scary and will give you a fright or two as you progress through the game. To be honest, I think modern survival horror games could learn a bit from the Last of Us and the way the player confronts the infected. Once again, I must compare her with Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth as some of their characteristics were quite similar.

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