Lettering tattoos can exclaim a variety of different things according to the wishes of the person designing it.
The beauty of these lettering tattoo designs is that they can have a lot of meaning to the wearer, whether or not they actually belong to the religion in question. The next step in your search for the perfect tattoo lettering design is too pick out an appropriate font. Number Tattoos - Since mankind first began to count, numbers and destiny have always gone hand in hand. But long before the Indians introduced the concept of 'zero', people were already counting. While the symbols are unencumbered by historical meaning beyond their numerical value, various traditions have since cloaked the numerals with esoteric significance. Religions and cults in general abound with mystical and magical numbers, such as the devilish '666'. There's even something called the 'Jesus number' - '153' - derived from the numerological value for the phrase 'my Son is the God'.

It might be a phrase that has important value to the wearer or it might be a quote from their favorite celebrity. But there are instances in which people decide to elaborate on them and add elements such as scrolls, feathers and even birds. There are thousands of different fonts out there so this step is going to take you a little bit of time. It could also be short poems that have significant meaning or even song lyrics from the person’s favorite song.
Some people even have lettering tattoos that are done in Asian Kanji script or graffiti style lettering.
The first thing you need to do on your tattoo lettering quest is to figure out what exactly you want inked. These choices are limited only by the imagination of the wearer and the meaning they associate with it. Unlike some types of artwork, lettering is like handwriting – it is easier to forge if it is something you are familiar with.

As a result, it is a good idea to go directly to your favorite parlor and see what lettering they have available.
One of the difficult things, however, is that it is far too easy to make mistakes with your tattoo letter designs. This gives you an opportunity to see the types of letters they are familiar with, so that you can be more confident that they are able to correctly create the look you are looking for. When all these steps are done then you are on your way to a great design that will make you happy for years to come.
The lettering needs to specifically be artwork – something that looks attractive on your body.

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