It is a common practice of many spiritual people, that they always have some religious symbol with them, wherever they go. In Christianity, there are many events that have influenced people, and hence, they are very strong believers in Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.
Religious symbols like the cross, the star, the crown of thorns, and angel wings, are very well-known designs in many parts of today's world.
This is one of the very touching incidents in Jesus' life, when He was sentenced to crucifixion, and while carrying the cross, He was thirsty.
Some more ideas inspired by the above styles include the "Praying Hands Tattoos", "Rosary Tattoos", "Jesus Fish tattoos", and "Virgin Mary tattoos".
This tattoo is a memorial portrait for my baby angel Joy and the hands are my fathers hands. Getting a tattoo is the best option for this practice, and hence, this article provides some Jesus cross tattoo ideas for you. Apart from those who believe that tattooing is against the teachings of God Almighty, there are a few people who like to identify themselves as Christians by having tattoos of Jesus and the Cross on their body.
The design of Jesus hanging on the cross, or carrying it, is also one such style, which is gaining fame among the tattoo fans.

Even though every minute of this is recorded, this particular part where He fell and asked for water is a landmark. Designs like the entire picture of this scenario, or only His face that is sweating and bleeding with the thorns, is a common choice.
These designs have a very strong religious influence on the people, and are some of the very well-known signs and symbols in Christianity.
But there is no need for a monster to be revealed under my skin.And that monster ain't never gonna come off! Many people prefer taking the upper part of the cross, where Jesus' head is more precise, and also the plate that read, "King of Jews" in Hebrew. Another event that many people like to get inked on their bodies is the "Last supper", or the "crucified hands of Jesus". Today, many people get Jesus' crucifixion tattooed with Him either carrying or hung on the cross. Jesus carrying the cross, bent with the burden, and wearing the crown of thorns is exactly the design, which is mostly chosen. These tattoos are generally drawn either on the back, lower back, neck, sleeve, feet, or even in the abdominal region.

This design can be drawn in millions of ways, and each tattoo can look different from the other.
Another part includes the incident, where He has knees bent to the ground with the cross still on His shoulders, and a woman is offering Him a water jar. The 7 words that Jesus spoke when he was being crucified, are also recorded as a landmark in history, and are used as script tattoos by many followers.
It is the tattooer's art that comes in picture, when you want to get this one inked on you.
Other similar designs that are inspired from this scenario are the crown of thorns, and the side profile of Jesus Christ.

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