I love foot tattoos including my own and on this little blog I will post daily pictures of them to show my appreciation. I had wanted more picture tattoos, as most of mine are lyrics or phrases I live by, and I came to the idea of tattooing my toes with symbols for all the things I love. Iron Man portrait on my foot, done by the very talented Gre Hale at Rain City Tattoo, Manchester.

I got this tattoo just for a bit of fun, and can’t wait to go back and have my other foot done to match it!
It’s still in the healing process but this is the best picture I can get to show the colour and whatnot. This is his handwriting and it means a lot to me :) I knew I wanted something inspirational and meaningful, and this was just perfect.

Check out his work and the work of the other, equally talented artists working at Rain City here!

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