Brandi Cyrus has a tattoo of Cherokee writing on her left side, though we are not sure what it means. The pair of dice on Britney Spears’ left wrist are a matching tattoo with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. Britney Spears has a tiny triangle tattooed on her right hand, between the thumb and index finger — but no one know what it means!
Chris Brown has a traditional maori tribal tattoo on top on his hand in between his thumb and index finger. Chris Brown's leg tattoo on the right side is a traditional japanese koi fish swimming upstream.

Above are pictures of chris browns tattoos, Chris brown has tattoos on his arms, hands, back, chest, neck, leg, foot and behind the ear.
Brandi’s father Billy Ray Cyrus was the first, and he got his tattoo after Miley drew a heart on his hand. Chris Brown's tattoos have grown from one tattoo to having two full sleeves and a chest piece tattoo. Chris Brown has a mac skull lady art work on the side of his neck and just above it three stars.
Rihanna and Chris Brown both have similar star tattoos on the back of their necks, and matching traditional Maori tattoos on their top hands.

This symbolizes his love for music and is also the name of his non-profit charity for kids. Chris also has rattle snake with a red triangle in place of the rattle on the right side of his back.
Chris Brown has two red roses, two wings and star tattoos each side of his chest and in the middle a diamond tattoo.

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