Miller, who has tattooed Metallica's James Hetfield and major leaguer Jason Giambi, among other notably inked celebrities, first got the bug when he began hanging around a long-gone parlor called Franco's as a teenager. Miller, who is now partnering with Bell motorcycle helmets on its Go Rogue campaign, tells 'Men's Journal' he's partial to the old-school tattoo guys and the shops that nurtured him. Clearly advertised as "professional tattooing," Mike Rubendall's New York City and Long Island shops were launched "kind of from the opposite side of where I came in," says Miller, and he doesn't mean East Coast-West Coast.
With the NYC Tattoo Convention starting Friday 13, we rounded up the best places to get inked. Three Kings TattooWilliamsburg and Greenpoint have become hotbeds of high-end tattoo studios, and chief among them is this three-year-old shop, owned by artists Matty No Times, Alex McWatt and Myles Karr (the three kings of its name). According to Miller, Franco was "a 360-pound Sicilian with gold teeth, a Mohawk, and a .357 Magnum slung in a shoulder harness," but he sold the kid his first tattoo machine when the shop closed down.
But even as he picks a handful of his favorite places to get tattooed, he emphasizes that he loves the field in all its variations: "I even like shitty tattoos," he says. Try Time Out World for great nights out and all that’s going on near you – wherever you are in the world.

I'm totally impressed with the guy." Rubendall's style emphasizes a mix of irezumi, the traditional Japanese style of tattooing, combined with elements of Chinese and Tibetan tattooing and classic horror motifs. Daily noon--8pm.Whatever TattooLike the name implies, anything goes at this joint on the St. Those looking for a deal will find superior quality compared with other pick-a-design-off-the-wall parlors. As it's a street shop, walk-ins are the norm, and the staff of five artists means you won't have to wait long. While the $60 minimum might not make Whatever the cheapest parlor on the block, it's a steal compared with other high-end joints in the city. Plus, the 2am closing time on the weekend means your late-night whims can be easily realized—for better or worse. Between them and the handful of artists in residence, customers can choose from Japanese style (O'Donnell), new Americana (Seth Wood), tribal-inspired ink (Thomas Hooper) and more, with pieces starting at $100. While the price tag might be hefty, the spalike environment (exposed wood beams, Japanese screens) will make the cost a distant memory once the needle starts buzzing.

Beaver TattooOnce you find out that this Queens shop is an all-girl tattoo parlor, the name should click.
The six women artists excel at black-and-gray realism and quirky tats, including a rendition of the Brooklyn Bridge and kitschy designs like a cassette tape and a dress form.
Of course, gentlemen are also welcome—the skill of the work will convince any antiquated nonbelievers that ladies can work a needle. The eight artists present a smorgasbord of styles, including black-and-gray, portraits, Americana and traditional Japanese tebori (a hand-poked method), the latter courtesy of resident artist Shinji Horizakura (all pieces start at $100).

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