Chi Town Effects only uses the highest quality 316L surgical steel and titanium piercing materials to ensure the best healing process. Although tattoo removal is safe when performed by an experienced practitioner, tattoo removal side effects can be severe.
The main side effects of laser tattoo removal are hypopigmentation (scarring which lightens the color of the skin due to aggressive treatments), textured scarring (bumpy scars produced by overly aggressive treatments, resulting in bleeding and scabbing), and bumpy keloid scars (the raising of the skin similar to that seen in a burn).
In laser tattoo removal, the type of ink used as well as the type of skin being treated are factors that will determine the type of laser equipment required.
At Celibre, we have the latest, most advanced and FDA approved lasers to perform laser tattoo removal on all skin types.
Tattoo artist William Coy dips the tattoo needle into black ink as he works on a tattoo at the Tattoos by Lou studio on September 7, 2011 in Miami Beach, Florida. A riot of colorful artistic creations adorn the bodies of the younger generation, who are impressed with the results and are equally eager to amaze others – without, of course, worrying about the costs, pain, and the long-term effects of their craze.

Moreover, the practitioner performing the treatment must be experienced to assess the tattoo correctly and make the correct assessment on the type of treatment needed.
The Food and Drug Administration continues to look into tattoo inks to find out the chemical composition of the inks and how they break down in the body, the short-term and long-term safety of pigments used in tattoo inks and how the body responds to the interaction of light with the inks. Nearly 50 % of these enthusiasts reportedly tend to regret their decisions later – thanks to broken relationships, outdated design, and lucrative job prospects.
Failure to select the right settings for treatment can result in tattoo removal side effects. As traditional methods of tattoo removal proved quite painful, not as effective, and costly, people were forced to live with their decisions until recently. Using the latest equipment and employing safe tattoo removal techniques by an experienced nurse or physician can minimize the possibility for any tattoo removal side effects.
Laser treatments for tattoo removal have now made it possible to get rid of unwanted tattoos with minimum pain, side effects, and risk factors when compared to other treatment options.Tattoo Removal Using LasersColored ink applied on the skin is broken down using a strong beam of light, traced along the tattooed pattern.

The different types of lasers, or the different settings on the same laser used for removing the tattoo mainly depend on the color of the ink used in the design. Laser treatments for removing tattoos are basically cosmetic in nature, and are not covered by insurance.Quality of treatment and expert professional care, however, should not be compromised for costs. However, no matter how much we try to look after ourselves, wrinkles seem to appear regardless, often seemingly overnight.

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