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Another Photoshop texture that is really used by digital artists is for sure the old paper texture. Thanks to Charley, who doesn't have any Photoshop related tattoos but does have a tramp stamp of the AOL Instant Messenger running man. Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. Designbeep is a design blog dedicated to web developers,bloggers,designers and freelancers.Our aim is to share everything about web design,graphic design,tutorials and inspirational articles and more. We love hearing from Photoshop users, and one fan’s story in particular really stood out when she told us about her forearm-long tattoo. We recently got to learn more about this super fan to discuss her long history with Photoshop, her career and of course, her tattoo. Tom HogartyTom Hogarty is director of product management for all things photography at Adobe.
Couldn’t she just get all the photos of herself and photoshop the tattoo onto them, instead of going through the pain of a real tattoo? Did she try a tattoo of the Elements toolbar on her finger first, just to see if she liked it?
With Creative Cloud, you no longer have that argument that you can’t afford Photoshop (unless its not offered in your area yet). In 30 years time this tattoo will look as silly as someone today who has a MS-DOS tattoo on them. We are so glad that Megan mentioned our article as an inspiring one (about biggest regrets in life) and we are so impressed how she is living life on her own terms. Most of the tattoo usually comes from their passion which provides more meaning on the intention of getting a tattoo.
Desarrollador de software egresado de la Universidad Catolica de Argentina, blogger y fotografo.
You can apply these tattoo brushes in your designs and visitors will bow down to your creative imagination.
Images included in this mega pack of tribal Photoshop brushes include tribal tattoo signs, symbols, animals, silhouettes, faces, skulls, eyes, dragons, flowers and many more. This mega pack includes hundreds of brushes composed of tribal brushes, skull brushes, floral brushes and many more.These brushes are especially designed for those in the tattoo industry or those who make designs with tattoos. There are about 30 high quality tribal photoshop brushes in this pack consisting of tribal tattoo styles such as images of skulls, dragons and many more. This set consists 36 medium-resolution tribal photoshop brushes featuring different classic tattoo drawings that you can use for free in your designs. There are a total of 31 tribal photoshop brushes in this set composed of images of butterflies in tribal style.
There are a total of 40 tribal Photoshop brushes composed of tribal dragon images that you can use for free. Here is a set of tribal photoshop brushes composed of different dragon tattoo designs that you can use in your designs for free.
This is a mean set of 16 tribal Photoshop brushes adapted from tattoo band designs for making borders.

There are a lot of people out there, maybe you are one of them, that have a really big part of their body covered in tattoos.
The list contains tribal brushes, Celtic brushes, dragons, pirate, skulls, flowers, hearts, henna brushes and so on. Anyway, that tattoo will look great when Photoshop CS 28 comes out - then it will be ironic and retro!
I design sites in Photoshop, then I’ll slice certain pieces, use the Save For Web option to get the optimized images, then get crackin’ on the HTML and CSS! Photoshop helped me to realize, at a rather young age, that this is what I wanted to do with my life – I want to create! His passion for the intersection of art and technology goes back 20+ years and he's most excited about his ability to enable the next generation of photographers to see the world in an entirely new light given technological advances.
You can visit some related sites like abduzeedo and other big sites with daily inspirations, tutorials and mainly forums ?? You will orient in this industry in a while ?? Just dont rush it. I’ve been a graphic designer for 23 years and have been aching for a tat in a similar sense.
I can walk down the street in a t shirt with clean arms, but I am wondering how many years away it will be before you wear long sleeves to cover that crap up. Whereas tattoos used to be popular among sailors and inmates it is now common for people of all ages and social status to get one. In fact, people who do not even belong to a tribe or tribal group are getting tribal tattoos marked on their skins. The preview image below shows just a few of the tribal tattoo designs that you can get from this pack.
These brushes are compatible to use with Photoshop 7 and up and should work also lwith GIMP. We tried to include some of the best and hottest tattoo designs for girls that are hot right now. There are a total of 28 brushes in this set, with resolution of each brush set at around 600 pixels.
I really hope you find these interesting enough to share it and come back for more Photoshop resources!
This propelled me to get a college degree in Graphic Design and I’ve been a professional in my field for a little over 6 years now. So I wanted to combine that, with the toolbar and a bit of filigree (which I also love) together into an awesome tattoo.
Outside of the office, Tom is focused on his family, including quite possibly the most photographed children in the bay area. Designing a tattoo requires a specialized skill but thanks to Photoshop because even if you do not have the craft to create a tribal design, you can always use readily available Photoshop brushes to add a tribal tattoo element in your designs.
An image pack is also included just in case you are using a different program or an older version of Adobe Photoshop. These brushes were created in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and should work with any CS version of Photoshop. This set was created using Photoshop CS3, thus it should work only with any CS and above versions of Photoshop. Created in Adobe Photoshop CS3, these brushes should work with any CS version of Photoshop.

Megan discovered her passion for arts as a sixth grader, attended the Pittsburg High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, and later graduated from college with a degree in Specialized Technology. But, I remember, for whatever reason, jumping onto the internet and searching for X-Files stuff. When I do, I have created invitation suites for friends and family (using a combination of Photoshop and InDesign) and just recently, I’ve decided I’m going to get back into collaging. The #1 regret was “Not having the courage to live they life THEY wanted to live – not the one someone else wanted them to live”.
You may be interested in the following modern trends related articles as well: Free Live Chat Widgets for WordPress, Free Photoshop Lace Brushes, Meaningful Tattoos Ideas for Wrist and Google Chrome Facebook Extensions. In this post, you will find more than a thousand tattoo designs contained in 20 brush packs. If you are using another program or a lower version of Photoshop, you have the option of using the image pack included in the download folder. However, for those who are using GIMP and other program, or using a lower version of Photoshop, then an image pack is included!! I started thinking about all the things I had really wanted to do and said, “WHY NOT?!” I’ve always felt like my creative person on the inside, didn’t match my outside and if I wanted something, why not do it! Lead Web Designer, and without my addiction, er, love of Photoshop back in the late 1990s, I may not be where I am today. Most of these brushes are free to use ofr presonal purposes, with some also available for commercial usage.
So download even if you do not  have PS CS3 – just define the images into brushes in your Photoshop  version. So, I know that [this answer is] long, but I got the tattoo because Photoshop has been a big part of my life. I’m really happy with where I am in my life and in my career and I felt like I had Photoshop to thank, in part, for that. Photoshop is my life’s work right now and I wanted to commemorate that with a bad a** tattoo. I remember looking at them and her website and saying to myself “I’m going to sit at this computer, until I get THAT GOOD. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so the fact that I didn’t lament over every detail must have meant I did something right! The tattoo artist had to simplify some of the lines, just a bit, but the design is mine, yes. I opened Photoshop, something I had been using here-and-there since middle school, and just went at it. Trying to learn everything I could, I spent all of my free time – and I mean all of it – on the computer creating website after website and collage after collage!

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