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Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below.
As popular as the rose tattoo is, the lotus flower tattoo is now rivalling it for the most popular flower tattoo.
It appears numerous times in the Bible and is featured in many religious myths around the world.
The rose and lotus tattoos are now often combined, they are both beautiful and one of the more lovely tattoos with meaning.

The lotus flower starts off as a small flower with little or no meaning in life, once it blossoms it turns into one of natures best looking flowers. Some of these designs are absolutley gorgeous but I think its a shame more people do not opt for the stand a lone lotus flower.
Usually used in stories where the main character is trapped in his own way of thinking only too see or feel something that gives him a new belief.
It is one of those tattoos with meaning, heart, peace and a subtle attractiveness that people admire. While the tradition of the Lotus flower is Asian (Japan and China especially) it has become very popular in the west too.

A full size lotus flower tattoo is a joy to look at and the wearer you should be honored to wear such a mystical flower.
Here are 20 of our favorite Lotus flower tattoos!Click an image below to see the entire gallery.
When image loads, click or slide (for mobile users) to view next imageShaded Lotus FlowerThe first shaded piece on our top 20 Lotus flowers list and well worthy of its position!

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