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The lion has been an important animal both in the scope religion and mythology of various cultures and civilizations across the world.
The lion tattoos presented here are sure to help you stand out in a crowd by making a striking fashion statement.
On a side note, many people asked me to buy some of the designs that are displayed on this site.
This majestic animal has long been considered the king of the jungle, and as such held in great esteem.

Its is not always possible, but you are welcome to submit your questions as I do have some originals and some scans available. The mysterious time where the light shine with all its beauty revealing the sacred pink that appears at every start and end of day, where colours and shadows play on our minds.
They may signify various noble qualities such as strength, pride, courage, protection, justice, fairness, victory, authority and fortitude. The powerful shift from day to night, or night to day, a sacred moment, being one with life, we can shift and embrace our goals.
At other instances, the lion tattoo is associated with the zodiac sign of Leo and its ruler; the Sun.

Lion tattoos can also indicate that the wearer considers himself or herself to be lionhearted.
Lion tattoos vary greatly in their style, design and coloration, which offer ample ways to sport this look.

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