Some may want to have a tattoo but do not want a lot of people to see may choose to apply a lower back tattoo design that will remain out of sight most of the time.
There are still a stigma attached to tattoos blatant and some companies may have a problem if their employees have tattoos out in the open while waiting on customers, especially if the tattoo themes are uncertain.
While men tend to get tattoos on their arms or legs is women who tend to get tattoos on their bodies in this sector. Some tattoo designs that can be located in this area are flower and the star patterns, special names in a border designed, decorative and floral designs and images simple and colorful tattoo that stretched across the lower back. The Lexington Tattoo Project is part living art project, part love letter, and part exploration of what it means to call a place home. A project envisioned by artists Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova, a total of two hundred and fifty Lexington residents have chosen to have the words of poet Bianca Spriggs tattooed on their bodies. Inspired by hearing Spriggs read, Gohde and Todorva approached her, requesting she  create a love letter to the town. Kremena Todorova teaches American Literature at Transylvania University; Kurt Gohde teaches Studio Art.
Purposefully fragmenting the poem, the  words become part of an ever-evolving public art project that speaks to concepts of place, story, physicality of expression, and human connection.
There are a number of experiences and ideas that coalesced into The Lexington Tattoo Project. A few years later, we became aware of the work of ESPO (Steve Powers) who created a series of murals in Philadelphia titled A Love Letter For You . The murals were created as abbreviated love letters along a single street in a part of the city considered dangerous because of the racial and class make-up of its population (mostly working-class people of color). Compelled by tattoos, by ESPO’s murals, and by the affection for Lexington we share, we wanted to create some sort of a love letter to our city through permanent tattoos. We did not know what we were going to tattoo until we heard Bianca Spriggs read in the Morris Book Shop, a locally owned book shop that regularly hosts literary readings and community events) in May 2012.
Though there were about 250 people who had joined the fb event at the time we began to assign words and phrases from the poem (in response to people sending us their top three choices), that number is now more than 450. We knew that we wanted a fairly simple font and we went through all the free fonts, eliminating all but about 3 of them. We knew we needed some design element to make the tattoos recognizable as part of our artwork.
When we went to talk with Robert (of Charmed Life)  we were instantly won over by his love for community-based works, by his willingness to give us a discount on tattoos so that the project could more easily happen. Perhaps the biggest difference has to do with the level of commitment on the part of the participants. We have become aware of the tremendous love for it and pride in it that so many people feel.
We also just connected with Ben Sollee who is going to write the soundtrack for the video we plan to make.

Biannca Spriggs is a multidisciplinary artist, a members of the Affrilachian Poets and a Cave Canem Fellow.
Kurt Gohde teaches Studio Art at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY and makes art to invite conversations about contemporary social issues, from marginalized sexualities to the experience of homelessness. Kremena Todorova teaches American Literature as well as classes that ask students to meet and work with their neighbors face to face.
In addition to drag queens, Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova like to photograph discarded couches, roadside attractions, and all things found on the peripheries. Texas Folklife recently released Accordion Kings and Queens LIVE!, an energetic mixture of sounds both traditional and innovative.
Contributor Guy Lancaster talks music, meditation, land use, and anarchy is this beautiful piece about making and playing didgeridoos. Thrown into the mix you’ll find posts about music, food, growing things and ideas, participatory research, what it means to call a place home, and the diverse ways humans express the art of daily life and engage in creative living. Drawing from Zora Neale Hurston’s observation that “folklore is the boiled down juice of human living,” we strive to explore the ways in which the past interacts with the present and how we can grow collective futures.
A picture of lower back tattoo will remain under the edge of your shirt or blouse and is suitable for business people who may have to deal with the public daily. Most of the time for wearing low-rise jeans, thongs and bikinis that show off this area of ??the body all the time their not at work.
Many celebrities have this kind of tattoo that naturally tends to influence other young people who want to copy their idols. The designs are usually very discreet and tastefully done, while some of them can be very colorful and striking. Her response was a 469-word  walk along Elkhorn Creek, Keeneland, Catalpa Street, and other well and not-so-well-known spots in Lexington. It’s a cartographic examination of  everyday memory, a sweeping look at how place and story are so interwoven.
Frequent collaborators, they’re both interested perceptions of body art in the larger community, especially the role this medium can play in perceptions of gender and class.
We had heard her read her poetry many times before, and had loved her words and her voice every single time. Her poem not only mentions beloved locations in Lexington (Bianca chose these from many submissions she got to a facebook post that asked people to tell her about hidden gems in Lexington), but also relied on community input (besides the locations, Bianca got many of the phrases in the list-part of the poem from facebook submissions in response to a fill-in-the blank assignment: “Lexington is the ____________ of the Universe”). About 100 people joined the facebook event within 24 hours after we created it in October 2012.
Eventually, we decided on Dante—a font we had to buy—because we liked what the poem’s words looked like in Dante.
We have become aware of communities and people we did not know before (for instance, burlesque performers—we did not know there are 2 burlesque groups in Lexington).

So this is something else you should know: we plan to make a video that animates Bianca’s poem—while she is reading it—through images of the individual tattoos.
Recently, he has become newly invigorated by plans to reseed the clouds over Kentucky with meat, in loving memory of the Kentucky meat rain of 1876. Born and raised in Communist Bulgaria, she continues to draw inspiration for her art and teaching from Timur and his commitment to community. In 2011 and 2012 they traveled to Los Angeles, Indianapolis, New Orleans and San Antonio to photograph the people who live near the couches and easy chairs left on the these cities’ curbs.
Many tattoo shops have begun to specialize in this type of tattoo work due to her popularity to get more women in their tattoo shops. The tattoo artists spend a lot of time perfecting their techniques so that they can do this kind of design very well.
Some couples have matching designs tattoo design with the female at the bottom of the back and the design of the male somewhere else. Spriggs reached out to the community to help create the poem, asking them about places they felt encapsulated what it means to call Lexington home. In the process of this assignment, the two of us (we do all the assignments we give to our students in this class) realized that individually we were getting different kinds of treatment though the two of us put on identical tattoos.
When all the tattoos are put together—like pieces of a puzzle—the background image will be visible behind the text of the poem. We have experienced amazing generosity from people who don’t have much money but have a lot of sympathy and care.
The resulting collection of images, DISCARDED: USA, is an ongoing artwork scheduled to be completed in 2014. Assorted designs can symbolize their love or a special event in their lives they have commemorated with matching tattoos. While Kurt received hostile stares, people seemed to enjoy the large images on Kremena’s right arm. Currently, Gohde and Todorova are working on The Lexington Tattoo Project, a public artwork that has already spread the words of a poem, through permanent tattoos, on the bodies of 252 Lexingtonians.
We began to talk about all the ways in which our bodies become more visible through tattoos, about how that visibility can be gendered.
Because we advertised almost exclusively on facebook, we had no control at all over who signed up.

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