To purchase a property, you must approach the DYNASTY 8 realty signs posted near the property.
When you purchase a property (after some time in the main storyline) you can earn money from it daily.
Each character can have their own personal exotic vehicle garage, marina slip, hangar and helipad. Once you purchase a property, the icon's color will change to the map icon color associated with each character. Click the map below for the full size and to see all the locations, scroll down below the map to see the list of the properties.

If you're tired of the hassle of shaving or waxing unwanted hair, take this quiz to find out if you should get laser hair removal. Chinese Tattoo Symbols Idea – The Chinese tattoo symbols idea is identical with Chinese dragon tattoos have long been a staple in body art, and with good reason. Tattoos mean a lifetime commitment, because if you are unsure about making you one, create a temporary tattoo is a fun and easy way to prove how much you like if it were real.
Tattoos are permanent body modifications, unless you decide to shell out major cash to have them removed.
With that in mind, click through to find out which 14 spots you may want to avoid when getting your own tattoo done.

Many people use tattoos as a way to memorialize important people or events in their lives, and where the tattoo is placed is often as significant as the tattoo image itself. You can find Tattoo Chinese Symbols guide and see the latest Chinese Tattoo Symbols Idea 2016 in here.

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