Just as important to finding the right tattoo design for you is finding the right tattoo artist. The portfolio is NOT where you look for a design that you want but the quality of the work you see and the style of tattooing.
Is the proportion and position of the tattoo on the body pleasing to the eye, is there symmetry in the positioning and does the tattoo work with the contours of the body?
Tattoo artists usually would put their best works in their portfolio so if you see anything in the portfolio that concerns you then this should set off your alarm bells because you can imagine the work that hasn’t gone into their portfolio.

Have been drawing tattoos for 20 years and finally started training to become a tattooist in 2010. To find the best tattoo artist for you it’s important to have to look at different tattooist portfolios.
If you can’t see it clearly in the photograph the tattooist may be trying to hide something. A tattoo is an investment and should not be based on the cheapest option you may well regret it in years to come.

It may help to view the portfolios online, so you can spend your own time looking at the work in your own time without the artist looking over your shoulder. When lines are tattooed with different pressure the depth is changed as the line continues and this changes the thickness of the line.

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