Waves and sea elements run throughout the whole design to represent his relation and affinity to the sea.
From bottom to top (from material to spiritual) his story develops from the past to the present, with the chest plate on the front dealing with his future. The pointed elements at the lower end are a stylized tiki hand, representing protection in the past, with a hammerhead shark motif cut through it (tenacity and strength, which he needed to face past difficulties); the carved upside down enata signifies an enemy he defeated. The other 4 enatas just above represent a cousin and a few friends who helped him and who represent his closest circle of friends with the dots between them symbolizing their importance and their always being there as points of reference.
The tail of the hammerhead shark is made of waves going backwards (past difficulties), turning onwards later on to show a positive change started again with his closest friends and family (the braid motif representing family union was shaped in several different ways to symbolize the diversities and peculiarities inside of his family).

Two main elements along this path are a lion to show his fighter spirit and a sea shell on the other side representing intimacy, love and sexuality, with korus representing new beginnings. On the shoulder, the back fin of the shark was made from a Marquesan cross to symbolize that balance is what allowed him to reach his new status and personality.
The hammerhead shark motif encloses an octopus motif to symbolize a smart, curious and adaptive spirit.
The spear heads on the shoulder blade and the braid nearby symbolize his family that always backed him and helped him fighting adversities. Going onto the pec, birds symbolize freedom, travelling and watching the world from a higher perspective whilst the fact they are in a row represents Ole´s will to bring this way to self improvement to others too.

THE POLYNESIAN TATTOO HANDBOOKfinally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!
More elements recalling the octopus are spread throughout the whole design for his great curiosity. Votre panier totalisera 1 point pouvant etre transforme(s) en un bon de reduction de 0,10 €.

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