The price of a tattoo depends on the size of the tattoo, the detail involved, and the location of the tattoo on the body.
If you plan on getting pierced and you are under the age of 18 please click here to download the consent form which MUST be notarized. It is very difficult to give an accurate price over the web, so please do NOT send e-mails with pricing questions. You may stop by any of our Tattoo Lou's locations for a free consultation and pricing on any tattoo, picture, or even an idea that you would like us to draw for you.

These small pieces of jewelry are inserted underneath your skin with as little effort as a regular piercing. And don't forget to check out our newsletters, packed with tons of useful information on tattoos and body piercings. Now, seeing these piercings does not mean that you can pop a needle into your arm and stick some microdermal jewelry in it!
Tattoo Lou's offers microdermals at all of our shops so come on down and you'll be walking out with some shiny new microdermals in no time!

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