If you do a tattoo to yourself, then you will have an enemy.If you observe the process of printing a tattoo, but don’t take part, soon you will receive important news. And if you remove tattoo in the dream, you should be prepared for a long journey.Another dream book interprets tattoo in a dream, as a sign of upcoming parting with loved ones, perhaps because of a long trip. If you see many people with tattoos, you will feel jealousy towards your beloved one against friends.To make a tattoo also means that friend will leave you judging your abnormal behavior.

But do not blindly believe to all dream books.Freud, in his dream book says that the intimate life of a man, who had a process of tattooing, is boring and uninteresting. According to the esoteric downers, a person needs to change his appearance.If you dream of a stranger, whose body is completely covered with tattoos, it means that the sleeper knows that someone from friends loves him.

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