This blog is run by theabsurditiesoflife More than anything, this is a personal log of tattoo ideas.
This only occurred to me in the last week, but I think a ladybug tattoo would be absolutely perfect - in a totally cliché way. I feel like it’s become a sort of cult symbol for HP fans, and so most of its meaning (including possible positive interpretations) has been lost. I just got this tattoo about a month ago, and it is by far my largest and most loved tattoo yet.

As much as I’m not into this symbol and the fact that so many BSG fans get it as their BSG tattoo, I really love that this person got in on their ankle, instead of the typical arm placement. I really like the way this was done - the way it wraps around and is coloured and all that good stuff. She suggested that I incorporate the quote into the Starry Night piece, like as a gust of wind or something. I am obsessed with chest pieces and really admire other girls who have them, so it was only fitting.

Maybe with some Harry Potter chapter stars or a lightning bolt or something indicative of the books. There are tons of blogs with pictures of tattoos that already exist, but this is where the planning happens.

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