Sweet holiday memories turned into bad experience for Cade Bailey, 6, and for his mother Michelle, 36, who went for two-week holiday trip to Egypt. There Bailey got made a henna tattoo on his left forearm in the shape of dragon, and when they returned home, the tattoo was faded but it left a red rash which took the shape of red erupted skin exactly in the form of tattoo design.
Michelle said that had she been aware that the tattoo would not be safe, she would've never accepted the request of her son.

As per doctor's prescription, Cade is taking prescribed antihistamine tablets as well as applying chemical cream on his affected portion regularly. Michelle said through her son's experience, she wants to tell other parents to not to repeat the mistake. When taken to doctor, it was found that a chemical was mixed in henna to make the tattoo black rather than brown, its natural color, and also for the purpose by which it stays for long period.


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