Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After Pictures of Various Tattoos These photographs were taken at Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal and the results were from the Astanza Trinity Laser.These laser tattoo removal before and after pictures affirm that Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal can completely remove professional tattoos using the Astanza Laser. Although the decision to purchase a tattoo, at the moment, may have seemed like a good idea, many people do not feel the same way after a few years and often choose laser treatments to remove that unwanted tattoo. Not all tattoos are created equal and not all laser tattoo removal providers have technology that can remove all ink colors. Keep in mind that if the tattoo requiring removal is large, the CLS Professional may not do the procedure all at once, but in stages because of the bodies inability to eliminate the quantity of laser shattered ink . Not all laser tattoo removal procedures are the same so it is important to discuss every issue with the CLS prior to the first removal procedure. This laser tattoo removal procedure is not only fairly painless, but the recovery time tends to be quicker. National health statistics state that at least half of the population in the United States change their minds about owning a tattoo at some point later. Complete removal is not quick but usually can be done in about three to six months of one session per month. Some patients also notice that the entire tattoo seems to ‘crust’ over, then flake off in a couple of weeks.
The laser tattoo removal before and after pictures shown here are of real people with real results. Though it does take multiple visits for complete removal, the fact remains that the Astanza Trinity laser works with such precision that the ink is completely gone and no one knows that it was once there. Laser tattoo removal is a big step that should not be taken lightly, so a few decisions should be made prior to starting the journey to remove a tattoo.
Because laser removal is performed as an outpatient treatment, successful removal can take anywhere between three to twenty laser treatments. Since you can expect a waiting period of at least four to six weeks in between visits to allow your body time to heal, let’s take a look at what happens during the healing process.
Depending on the laser technology used for tattoo removal, healing and recovery times will significantly vary. Today, the PicoSure is the latest machine in laser technology and it boasts a faster removal time and less discomfort than any other laser treatment on the market.
Your laser technician should apply an ice pack to help sooth the treated area as shown in the image below. To lower your chances of scarring and help your skin repair yourself after removal, remember to drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep, and quit smoking. Once your tattoo is treated successfully, you can consider tattooing a new design, or revel in what is now your clean canvas. As we have mentioned before in our article before, it is a new technique which came out in 2012. Same as conventional laser tattoo removal, the beam breaks down the ink into much smaller particles. According to the research, this method is even more effective than the traditional laser tattoo removal method. The skin is a semi-permeable membrane allowing only a certain size particle to pass through. Multiple treatments are necessary for removal and will vary according to tattoo size, location on the body, quality and depth of the implantation of the ink, and healing factors of the individual.
The skin is a semi permeable membrane allowing only a certain size particle to get through. The cost of salt-water removal is less expensive and less traumatic to the skin than laser, dermabrasion, and excision. TestimonialsAfter receiving Chemo Therapy a while ago, one of the side effects was having my hair fall out. Just added are pictures of current patients that are in the process of getting there tattoos removed.
Tattoo removal is a common procedure with many options to consider, but the most important decision is choosing the clinic and the experienced and technically skilled CLS professional who will actually perform the removal and then administer post operative and followup care. Since tattoo removal is a medical procedure one should make certain that the laser clinic under consideration has a good reputation, a professional appearance, knowledgeable staff and a licensed medical doctor as its director. It works by directing a focused beam of light toward the ink that is just under the skin, which then breaks up the pigment into smaller pieces that can be absorbed by the body.
The current process is highly effective and when one weighs the costs (including the emotional woe) of having a repulsive and unwanted tattoo versus the cost of the laser removal; most agree that it is worth the investment. After a laser tattoo removal treatment, the tattooed site will generally have an elevated, red or white discolored appearance.
Recovery time is minimal and post-operative care consisting of ice packs and over-the-counter pain control medication is usually all that is necessary. These tattoo removal before and after images show how the return of skin tone and color to the site occurs following the procedure.

Choosing the right Certified Laser Specialist (CLS) to take care of the tattoo removal, followed by diligent proper care of the site afterward will make for a successful positive experience as you remove the tattoo.
No need to over pay somewhere else when you can receive the best laser tattoo removal services at the lowest price! The laser tattoo removal healing process is worth bearing if you have a tattoo that no longer suits you, or that fits your interests and lifestyle. The amount of sessions needed depends largely on the size, location, colouring of your tattoo, and laser used. Instead, it shoots little blasts into your tattoo ink which breaks the pigment up, lending to the redistribution of ink through your blood stream before it is eliminated through pores and body waste. What used to require 15-20 sessions for success, can often be achieved in just 4-6 with PicoSure laser technology. This is caused by the carbon dioxide being released as a result of laser penetration and surfaces on the upper layer of the skin, which resembles a white frosting. Now you’ll just play the waiting game as your body properly disposes of the ink pigments, which usually takes 6-8 weeks. Luckily scarring instances are minimal and happen in less than two percent of laser removal cases.
All three of these tips will naturally help boost your body’s immune system and assist in the process of pigment elimination and skin repair. Should you opt for body art in the future, be sure you plan it out, find a professional and reputable tattoo artist, tread carefully with your design, and REMEMBER the cost of laser tattoo removal. We are glad that many of the readers are really interested in the topic and hope to know much more about this new technique. This method is different from conventional laser tattoo removal because the frequency of the treatments is more packed.
The first and foremost reason is what most people are concerned about – the effectiveness.
By introducing a high concentration of salt water next to the dermis (where the ink is implanted) water in the cells beneath the surrounding the ink (containing lower concentrations of salt and water) will rise to the areas containing higher concentrations of salt. Results vary according to the type of laser used, often leaving behind a white ghost in place of the tattoo.
By introducing a high concentration of salt water next to the dermis (where the unwanted ink or pigment is) water in the cells beneath and surrounding the pigment (containing lower concentrations of salt and water) will rise to the areas containing higher concentrations of salt. All methods of removal involve multiple treatments with the possible exception of excision. It is a medical fact that any scar takes one full year from the last manipulation to be mature (fully healed and finished changing). MichaelWhen I tell people that I've had Permanent Makeup applied to my eyes, they are amazed! Other laser tattoo removal providers cannot remove blue and green ink unless they have a ruby laser. Most removal specialists suggest treating the area lightly with an antibiotic ointment covered with a bandaged during the healing process.
These laser tattoo removal before and after photos tell the tale of successful treatment resulting in happy ink-free recipients. While most people who get tattooed feel the design is the perfect addition to their body at the time, that’s not always the case down the road. The more sizeable and elaborate the tattoo design, the more likely you’ll be returning for treatments to ensure best results.
While all three lasers perform with the same results, the NdYAG may cause more blistering and scabbing than the Ruby or Alexandrite. A few hours after treatment your skin may begin to peel and blister which usually takes 3 – 14 days to disappear. Usually when scarring happens it is light, and can be minimized with Vitamin E oil and over the counter silicone scar patches, so long as your skin is fully healed from the laser treatment.
What we mean by packed is that this method treat a tattoo four times a day with 20-minutes gaps in between sessions. With this new technique, about half of the tattoo ink can be removed in a single day, compared with the conventional methods which may take you a few months to have the same results. Conventional methods would take you up to 1 to 2 years to completely remove a tattoo with a decent results. The cost of R20 Tattoo Removal are greatly reduced because fewer treatments will be needed compared to conventional laser tat removal methods.
Different colours of tattoos will require different wavelengths of laser beams to break it down. To estimate how much pain you will need to suffer, please refer to our article - Factors determining the success of a removal, 6 Bad Tattoo Locations and 5 Good Tattoo Locations from the perspective of tat removal. However, because this new technique is more effective in removing tattoos, the overall cost should be lower.

Since a tattoo is a scar with ink in it, the degree of scarring will vary depending on the original tattoo and the individual’s skin and healing properties.
Stephanie is patient and will answer all of your questions.Joyce BeckerI am so happy with the way my eyes look. The Astanza Trinity laser system is three lasers in one which removes all ink colors including blues and greens. Luckily what used to be permanent may successfully be removed when you commit to repeat laser removal treatments. It truly is dependent upon the size and quality of the tattoo to begin with (the better the tattoo, the harder to remove), plus several other factors.
These side effects are completely normal and expected as your body is quickly trying to heal itself, shedding the damaged outermost layer of skin. When in doubt, always seek professional advice before attempting to treat scar tissue at home. Because this new technique condenses all the treatments together, potentially the process can be shortened to a few months. Those who used to think that a tat removal is expensive can now afford the cost of this new technique. In the process of equalization ink is forced from the dermal layer of the skin upward to the epidermis by osmotic pressure in an attempt to become equal to the higher concentration of salt and water.
For example, the color and type of ink used in the tattoo may require several different lasers to be used.
In the process of equalization pigment is forced from the dermal layer of the skin upward to the epidermis by osmotic pressure in an attempt to become equal to the higher concentration of salt and water. Ask to see before and after photos when considering this service as well as an estimate of sessions required and fees. Since you have done my eyebrows, I thank God every morning, but I also thank you for your artistic work. After years of using over-the-counter products, I absolutely feel that permanent eyeliner is the best give a woman can give herself.
It’s an unfair name for sure, but it’s also a perfect example of how fast tattoo trends can get old.
The purpose of the gap time is to allow white vapours formed during each session to dissipate so the whole process is more effective. With rapid ink changes in the tattoo industry, it can be difficult to remove all colors and inks.
Unwanted ink or pigment brought to the skin surface is shed in the scab that forms over the procedure site during the healing process, revealing new pink skin. Some of the ink was totally removed in one session other areas are much lighter.One month after her third tattoo removal treatment.
You are not only talented, Stephanie, but you are one fine, classy lady, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!TrixieI just love it!
The Q-switched Nd:Yag, Q-switched Alexandrite and the Q-switched Ruby are the most frequently used.
Multiple treatments are necessary according to the shape, size, and location of the tattoo, as well as healing factors of the individual. Thank You So Very Much!Shirley SuprynowiczI just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my eyebrows.
Jump out of the shower, blow your hair dry, dab a bit of foundation on, and WOW, you're ready to go. So far I have had the permanent eye-liner (which I really love!!!) & now am working on the lips - GO FOR IT! I truly enjoyed my experience and will not hesitate to recommend Dermagraphics By Miller to everyone! Treat yourself, or ask for it as a birthday or holiday gift; it is really wonderful!Janet M SmithI think permanent makeup is so essential, because you look professionally put together. Thanks again for making it so much fun and relaxing!Nicole BruggerI'm truly ecstatic about my permanent full lips & liner and my permanent eyeliner. Clients no longer ask if I am tired because my lips are the same color as my face.Cindy NowakMy permanent eyeliner looks so perfect and so natural! With the holidays coming up, give the hint that this procedure is for you too!Roberta GuskyI gave up using eyeliner years ago because as I got older, my skin lost some of its' firmness and this made it harder to get a good line around the eye area. Now I have perfect eyeliner and everyday lip color and I feel very confident about the way I look. I love not having to apply lipstick every day, but having the freedom to apply a different shade if I have a special occasion.

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