We are the first center in Hawaii utilizing the most advanced laser in the world, The PicoSure™ by Cynosure. ALL laser treatments are performed by a board certified physician specialized in laser tattoo removal. Whether it is to remove the tattoo completely or to just fade the tattoo, we make it a priority to personalize the treatment to every individual’s needs.
At The Cosmetic and Laser Medical Centre we specialise in minimally invasive procedures without hospitalisation, without general anaesthetic, no cutting of the skin and with patients being able to resume normal activity and work immediately after treatment.
The Cosmetic & Laser Medical Centre is excited to announce the introduction of PICOSURE laser treatments for tattoo removal. If youa€™re experiencing the dreaded tattoo regret, or you simply want to remove inappropriate tattoos in visible areas a€“ perhaps its unsuitable for a new job a€“ PICOSURE is the quickest and most effective method for removing tattoos of all shapes, sizes and colours, extending beyond the capabilities of traditional laser tattoo removal techniques. As the worlda€™s first picosecond tattoo removal laser treatment, PICOSURE targets unwanted tattoos more effectively than ever; requiring much fewer treatments with less pain.
PICOSUREa€™s picosecond laser technology is more effective than traditional nanosecond technology, used currently for tattoo removal in the so called Q Switch generation of nanosecond lasers. PICOSUREa€™s picosecond technology instead uses a pressure wave effect created by the ultrashort duration of the laser pulse, which is called a photomechanical effect.

Because the PICOSURE doesna€™t rely on the laser heating up the ink particles, much lower powers can be used, typically half the power (fluence) is required compared to Qswitch nanosecond lasers.
The PICOSURE is a very expensive laser, considerably higher than anything else on the market to date.
To learn more about the benefits of PICOSURE laser tattoo removal, or to book an appointment, contact Cosmetic & Laser Medical Centre and speak to one of our highly-trained, expert clinicians.
In this post, PicoSure – The Best Laser for Tattoo Removal you will learn about a new laser technology and the benefits this new laser will bring to you.
Related: R20 Tattoo Removal increases the speed and improves the results of your tattoo removal. It means that the per session treatment of a PicoSure laser is going to be expensive if it’s available in your area! Depending on your area and the size of your tattoo, starting per session treatments cost at least $300. About DermBids: We provide free laser tattoo removal estimates from local doctors and medical spas, just by taking a picture.
You have well compared different types of Tattoo removal laser treatment with their cost estimations.

Backed by NEW technology and research, guaranteed removal of the tattoo in just 3-4 months. We are experts in laser tattoo removal and utilize the most advanced and latest lasers in the world to do this. More than $45 Million Americans have a tattoo, over 20% have regret and only 11% of people are actually getting their tattoo removed! Why is this? The benefits to paying this much is the reduced pain, reduced treatments, and faster recovery time. We compare doctors based on experience, laser quality, distance and costs so you can make an educated buying decision when you decide to make an appointment! We provide the highest level of medical care and make it a priority to achieve the best results. This is because of small supply of the laser, high demand, and newness of the pico technology for aesthetic use.

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