Undoubtedly the most famous tattoo school in the history of tattooing was the one Milton Zeis assembled in the 1950s.
Has the time come for tattoo schools to move into a more respectable position in the tattoo world?
Today many state legislators are looking for a way to update antiquated health codes, licensing processes and fee collection methods. This twenty-lesson mail order course was accredited by the state of Illinois and many old-time tattooists often mention this course in interviews; sometimes with disgust.

Starter kits dona€™t come with instructions on safe health practices, an autoclave, history lessons or a moral compass.
Oregon has instituted a policy requiring a course of study at a licensed or accredited school, approved by the Board of Education, before issuing Oregon residents a license to tattoo. Is this what it will take to have our art form grow? Or is this just the latest incarnation of apprenticeship mills that have been around for years? Sure, some of these schools will be better than others, that is the case in any line of study.

Could the day come when that potential is measured by which tattoo school they graduated from?

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