If you want an exciting career that never goes out of style and pays well, you have come to the right place at the Master Tattoo Institute. Here are some photos from one of the bigger tattoo schools in Michigan, and why you can’t trust shit. We are the ultimate source if you are interested to learn to become a body artist, in-depth tattooing classes, body piercing, or even tattooing apprenticeships are available.
We are the most respected tattoo school in the world, and our comprehensive program of coursework and hands on training will exceed your expectations and all industry standards.

Don’t trust someone with a tattoo machine to do your tattoos unless they have the background and experience to be a tattoo artist. Multiple programs are available at Master Tattoo Institute, and materials are included with each program. When you come to us, you will learn how to be a body artist using approved practices that will prepare you to be licensed and certified upon course completion.
Our professional instructors will give you the best instruction possible to inspire each student to love and respect the culture of art, tradition, family, and tattoo history as well.

Most tattoo schools will cover this because of how widely the importance of it is understood, but do you want to trust your body to someone with years of understanding of bloodborn pathogens, HIV, infections, and sanitation—or two weeks?

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