Pryor was involved from the start as one of the first two players that Tressel was warned about selling memorabilia. Pryor was also Ohio State's all-time rushing leader among quarterbacks and the Buckeyes' fifth all-time passer, but those records diminished after his 2010 numbers were wiped out as part of the NCAA sanctions. Now: Pryor is getting acclimated to life with the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks after the Oakland Raiders traded Pryor to Seattle for a seventh-round pick in late April.
The eighth interview in a multipart series giving voice to those involved with the Ohio State tattoo scandal three years ago, with characters asked to both look back and examine where they are now. Now he looks like Seattle's third-stringer behind former Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson, and he will play under former USC coach Pete Carroll after twice facing Carroll's Trojans, losing 35-3 at USC in 2008 as a freshman fill-in and losing 18-15 as the sophomore starter in Columbus in 2009.
Pryor also said that he and Seattle QB coach Darrell Bevell, a former Wisconsin QB as well, give Wilson a hard time that Pryor and Bevell won the Rose Bowl and Wilson didn't. And Pryor is liking the Carroll coaching method as well, which, as was pointed out when the Buckeyes played the Trojans, is a little different than Tressel's style. Running back Boom Herron, another one of the players suspended in the tattoo scandal, has been back at Ohio State and has spoken to the team. Terrelle Pryor left Ohio State in June of 2011, eight days after Jim Tressel announced his resignation at the coach of the Buckeyes on May 30.
A lot of these work looks unmistakably like it comes from body ink artists, such as the classic tattoo imagery of Tony Derigo's knife-pierced heart and snake-surrounded senorita. Welcome to the Pop Shop Gallery's "Inkwell Show." The exhibit, which opens today and runs through Saturday, April 17, features the work of more than 20 tattoo artists from 15 area tattoo parlors. A lot of the work looks unmistakably like it comes from body ink artists, such as the classic tattoo imagery of Tony Derigo's knife-pierced heart and snake-surrounded senorita. Mark Shivey, also from Addicted Tattoo, has painted some wall-hung skateboards without the wheels. The Pop Shop Gallery is now in its fifth year specializing in locally produced pop art of the kind inspired by Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.
View full sizePop Shop"Firewood #3" by Sean Kelly of Addicted Tattoo is one of a series of four wooden folding television trays. Cihlar hopes that the reasonable prices in the gallery -- Kelly's four functional TV trays go for $200 -- might lead some visitors to buy their first pieces of original art. In many ways, the five-game NCAA suspensions handed to five of Ohio State's top players and head coach Jim Tressel haven't had much effect on the team's spring workouts.
COLUMBUS, Ohio — In many ways, the five-game NCAA suspensions handed to five of Ohio State's top players and head coach Jim Tressel haven't had much effect on the team's spring workouts.

View full sizeIn this March 11, 2011 file photo, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, left, and quarterback Terrelle Pryor watch from the sideline during the first day of NCAA college football practice in Columbus, Ohio. The other suspended players are leading rusher Dan Herron, top returning receiver DeVier Posey, starting offensive tackle Mike Adams and backup defensive lineman Solomon Thomas. Herron, nicknamed "Boom," believes the five can redeem themselves through their play and subsequent actions. Tressel will also miss the first five games, punishment for knowing about the improper benefits for more than nine months but not notifying his superiors.
Ohio State has permitted little access to players and Tressel during the three weeks of spring workouts. Jordan Hall, a running back who attended the same Jeannette, Pa., high school as Pryor, said he thinks Pryor, one of his best friends, is bearing up well.
Pryor has not participated in contact drills and has spent most of his time tossing a football on the sidelines or closely watching the progress of the four candidates to replace him in those first five games. Many on the team have read the inspirational book "The Traveler's Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success" by Christian author and speaker Andy Andrews. Brewster said the book applies to the Buckeyes, who are using the mistakes made by the players and their coach as a rallying point.
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force is offering a reward for tips that lead to the capture of a Cleveland man accused of armed robbery. Anyone with information about Terry is asked to call the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force at 1-866-4WANTED. June 7 isn't quite as memorable as Jim Tressel's Memorial Day departure eight days earlier in 2011, but it was appropriate that the quarterback and the coach, so closely linked ever since Tressel grabbed Pryor out of western Pennsylvania as the nation's No.
After the Raiders took him in the third round of the supplemental draft in 2011, Pryor started 10 games in three seasons with the Raiders. He was traded to the Seahawks in April for a seventh-round pick after spending his first three NFL seasons in Oakland.Ted S. But Pryor said he would like to start a scholarship at Ohio State in the future, and he hopes there's a time when he can come back to Columbus.
He painted and built some wooden wall hangings that get their inspiration from sources as diverse as the 1980s punk-metal band Suicidal Tendencies and the Christian religious icon of the Sacred Heart. The set sells for $200."[Gallery owner] Rich Cihlar and I both have tattoos, and we have gotten to know tattoo artists in the area over the years," said Hulligan. Tressel, Pryor and four other top players are facing five-game suspensions at the start of the season.

Pryor is recuperating from foot surgery to repair ligament damage and will not play in the team's annual intrasquad scrimmage on Saturday.
All five will sit out the games against Akron, Toledo, at Miami (Fla.), Colorado and the Big Ten opener against Michigan State for accepting improper benefits from a Columbus tattoo-parlor owner.
Reporters have been allowed to watch an occasional practice, but for the most part have had only limited chances to speak with players compared to past years.
All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Northeast Ohio Media Group LLC. But they can practice every day with the team up to and after each of those games, including every workout in August.
Tressel spent 10 minutes on one teleconference, mostly talking about the competition at quarterback.
Terry and his brother robbed a man at gunpoint in July 2014 near East 55th Street and Kinsman Road, according to the task force.
While Tattoo Cafe serves coffee, others give haircuts or specialize in different styles of artwork. Pryor was a three-year starter who at the time, with 31 victories, was five short of the OSU record for quarterback wins. Northeast Ohio Media Group visited tattoo parlors in the area to check out some of the creativity being offered. Donny Madda, shop manager of Focused Tattoos in Cleveland Heights, said his artists try to make each tattoo unique to the customer.
Lounge Barber Shop and Tattoo Studio in Richmond Heights has a unique pairing, offering customers a haircut and a tattoo.
The shop, which opened in 2010, has walls of chairs where residents can get a haircut by shop barber Carl Tucker. Classic Tattoo in North Olmsted has a diverse team of tattoo artists specializing in realistic, traditional American and Japanese styles.

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