So a lot of you may be wondering why I decided to do a reality show… Yes, we know that some of the shows have put a bad taste in your mouth, and people say that it’s for sell-outs blah-blah-blah, but think about this as an artist in the industry… Some of us are looked up to for advice and guidance from younger artists. Our cast also includes Tommy Helm runner-up of Ink Masters Season 1, and a new face to the community, Jazmin Rodriquez. I totally agree that there is gonna be tattoo reality shows, and great artists like Gus should step up to try and make sure that these shows reflect as well on us as possible. We as professionals have the responsibility to inform clients of the best methods to achieve the best ends.
Drucken Sie Ihrem Favoriten-Team ganz fest die Daumen und bringen Sie Ihre Begeisterung durch passend gestaltete Fingernagel zum Ausdruck. I found this to be a great way of helping the industry, plus I’m getting paid of course. Somebody’s going to have a bad fucking tattoo and with scratchers, or uneducated artists doing tattoos we know this to be very true.
However my impression from the episode that I saw was that every tattoo that was taken on was not successfully covered.
I was pulling 16-hour workdays six days a week for a little over a month, which was not an easy task.

Yes, it’s gotten a bad rap in the tattoo world but when I was given the opportunity to film a show I took it so I could show America that we can be positive role models to the average person aspiring to be a tattoo artist.
Some of which were so bad that they were hurting their relationships, self-esteem and outlook on life.
They were not successfully covered because they were too bad and too dark to be covered, and should not have been taken on.
The general public is does not possess the training we do, and to them these tattoos look like success’.
Durch ihre kraftige Farbgestaltung kommen Sie auch auf einem farbigen Nageldesign toll zur Geltung.
We cannot stop the ever-growing interest in this trade so why not educate them the best we can and with Spike TV in over 98.7 million homes.
On the show, we take on the task of these people’s TATTOO NIGHTMARES and give them new hope at the end of the long hours of getting tattooed on the show. I have the utmost respect for Gus, but his tattoo was very deficient as well, the old design showed right through clearly even before healing. Sie konnen sie also hervorragend mit Jolifin UV-Farbgel oder Jolifin Carbon Colors UV-Nagellack kombinieren.

You will also get to see re-enactments of their stories, which I can’t wait to see, because some were just too damn crazy to hear.
As if people don’t already cop an attitude when we try to inform them of the proper way to acheive the best result when they have a tattoo that is beyond the limits of a coverup. What better way to show them clean tattooing, sterilization, customer service, pride in your art and community. We are not magicians and can not cover up the worst of tattoos the way this show is incinuating. Trust me, man… the pressure was high representing this community and also all my great friends that I wouldn’t want to let down. We all know abou the cover up of the coverup, which resulted due to an artist not informing there client of the realities of there tattoos state, or biting off more than they can chew. I know I would not be proud to wear any of the tattoos done, and as an artist that would dissapoint me tremendously.

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