You spent what felt like a lifetime looking around the scene, checking this one and that one, looking for the perfect match. All those hours spent taking in your love, admiring it's beauty, obsessing in it's finesse, basking in it's seeming flawlessness has allowed your love to deepen but, occasionally, certain imperfections seem to appear. But “Hey, it's all good, I love it, and we're going to be together forever, so yeah, this is who it is, we can get through this.” These are common apprehensions, you are not alone.
You know that it signifies a time in your life, a birthday, a wedding, a whirlwind romance, a holiday, it's about a memory not a picture. I’m a tattoo artist by the name of WORM from Modesto, CA and I’m looking to move to LA in April of 2013 looking for a shop to join in the Hollywood Area! You guys will hopefully be spending the rest of your days together and like all long lasting relationships it'll have it's ups and downs, it's good times and bad, the important thing to know is where you are, together, and where you're going next.

Misgivings like “It really should try to stay in shape” or “I wish it was bigger” begin to creep into your world. Cleaning up the lines, brighten up the colors, maybe add some detail, or a few lines here, another star there, just add some fresh ink into the mix. As Confucius once said; “There ain't no mountain high enough, there ain't no valley low enough”. Ruminating and dwelling on these flaws can lead to ideas of, heavens forbid, covering it up. When you least expected it, something caught your eye from across the room and there was magic.
If you allow these reflections to fester, it's not unheard of for people to remove their former love from their lives forever with a fucking laser!

It's a living breathing thing, it gets older cause you get older, it wrinkles, changes color, stretches and shrinks because you change. You're wiser, more content, because you are happy with who you are, you are happy the tattoo is still with you.

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