No self-respecting tattoo parlor will serve anyone who is clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who is under the age of 18 (even with parental permission).
A Yellow Book commercial has a bride trying on her dress when she realizes for the first time that she has a tattoo reading "Mike" — who's not the guy she's marrying. There was a debit card commercial featuring a couple at a tattoo parlor with "Oh Donna" playing in the background. A Snickers commercial from the '90s showed a football player proudly displaying a huge tattoo that he just had done of his team's logo on his back. An Australian ad for "1800 Reverse" (a service that lets you make reverse charge calls from your mobile) had a teenage girl showing off a tattoo on her lower back to her friends.
A commercial campaign for the Canadian mobile provider Koodoo features a tiny CG luchador as its spokesman. Credit Karma, a website offering free credit scores, had a commercial where a woman claims to know her credit score because she had it elaborately tattooed on her arm. A major plot point in Photon is that the eponymous character and the female lead both have the same tattoo written on their foreheads in magic magic marker, so it's totally permanent. At one point in Ranma ?, Ryouga becomes invincible thanks to a tattoo of a war god on his stomach.
When Nami was working for Arlong against her will, she had been forced to wear the tattoo of his crew on her arm. A meta-embarrassment: Trafalgar Law's "DEATH" Knuckle Tattoo originally said "DETH" before it was corrected.
Riza Hawkeye has a large tattoo on her back, which was likely put there against her will, perhaps by her own father.
In Baccano!!, there's nothing wrong with Jacuzzi's massive facial tattoo in itself, but being a Shrinking Violet, he treats it more as an embarrassing disfigurement. Used indirectly in This is Otakudom, a Gag Dub of Fushigi Yuugi that turns the cast into Otaku headed for an anime con.
Norman Rockwell's painting The Tattoo Artist◊ has a sailor with the names of several former lovers crossed out, and one more name being added on. Jack Dee has done a bit suggesting that most people with Chinese character tattoos have something that says either "bean fried rice" or "please select one of the tattoos below".
In Uncanny X-Men, following Kitty Pryde's Heroic Sacrifice, Colossus, mourning the woman he loved, got a tattoo of a heart with the name "Katya" (in the Cyrillic alphabet) on his chest. In one story in Sam & Max: Freelance Police, Max gets "a tattoo of a snake eating a rat, with the caption 'Born to watch my snake eat a rat'". In one Spider-Man story, Peter Parker's then-girlfriend Carlie Cooper got drunk and considered getting a Green Goblin tattoo.
Cookie in Beetle Bailey has a large tattoo with the name of a long-past love inside a heart.
To dissuade Jeremy from getting a tattoo Walt reveals that he got one on his butt during his days in the Peace Corps.
An old Bloom County strip has Opus exchanging personal scandals with his fiancée Lola. In American History X, Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) has a large swastika tattoo on his chest, which becomes shameful to him after he renounces his racist ideology. In the Japanese flick Moon Child, a white man who wants to be a samurai gets a tattoo in kanji.
In the 2002 film version of The Importance of Being Earnest, Gwendolyn is so enamored with the name "Ernest" that she has it tattooed on her buttocks, adding to her horror when "Ernest" tells her his real name is Jack. In GoldenEye, James Bond forces Jack Wade to show a rose tattoo with the name "Muffy" ("Third wife") on his hip as part of their Trust Password.
Paul Blart: Mall Cop has the eponymous character get drunk (after stating that he doesn't drink), and emerge with a tattoo of the Loch Ness Monster. One enthusiastic Star Wars fan in Fanboys shows the main characters his new tattoo based on the then-upcoming The Phantom Menace. The Farrely Brothers comedy Kingpin features a scene where the Amish bowler played by Randy Quaid is horrified to find a tattoo on his front side after a night of partying. In Moms' Night Out, Sondra, the pastor's wife, has a tattoo of Donny Osmond in a place where he has to lower her skirt to show it to her daughter.
In Alfred Bester's novel The Stars My Destination, the hero is given a horrific tattoo on his face by a Cargo Cult IN SPACE! A semi-humorous example is the forehead tattoo of the Bad Ass mercenary Raven in Snow Crash, which reads "Poor Impulse Control".
In the Harry Potter series, the Death Eaters have the "Dark Mark" tattooed on them as a symbol of their membership. In the Liveship Traders trilogy, Captain Kennit has a habit of tattooing symbols of his mistakes on his body, and then branding them off soon after.
In the Tawny Man trilogy, we get tattoos that are both embarrassing and traumatic: both the Fool and Elliania were forced by the Pale Woman to have dragons and serpents tattooed over their entire backs. In Francesca Lia Block's I Was a Teenage Fairy, the heroine's love interest is discovered to have the names of not one but three former girlfriends tattooed on his chest. In Special Topics In Calamity Physics, one of the high school "blue bloods" has a mysterious tattoo on his upper arm that he never lets anyone see.
In The Millennium Trilogy, Lisbeth Salander gets revenge on the guardian who brutally raped her by forcibly, painfuly, and very badly tattooing him with the words "I am a sexist pig, a pervert and a rapist.

Father Forthill is revealed to have one of the Eye of Thoth, which he and several other newly christened priests got the morning after they killed a vampire (and celebrated by getting drunk).
At one point Sherlock Holmes did his trademark Sherlock Scan on a man and said that he had once been in a close relationship he was later eager to forget. One of the stories of Wayside School has Calvin's dad getting him a tattoo for his birthday. Refreshingly averted by the Pym sisters from Aunt Dimity when they finally meet their great-grandniece Bree. In an episode of Green Wing, Guy Secretan tries to prove his love by getting a tattoo of a Friesian cow on his rib cage, thinking it was Caroline Todd's favourite thing. On Cheers, Norm and Cliff discover that they had gotten tattoos on their butts, only they had mixed up the requests: Norm's reads "Post Office Forever", while Cliff's reads "I love Vera".
Where to Get A $13 Tattoo for Friday the 13th in RVA Richmond Tattoo ShopsThe Best Tattoo Resource in Richmond, VAHome A» $13 Tattoos in Richmond for Friday the 13th$13 Tattoos in Richmond for Friday the 13thSeptember 5, 2013 by Josh Squires So you want a $13 tattoo in Richmond, do you?
If you’ve had bad experiences getting tattoos or you’re not fond of what you currently have, you have options. This variation is far more likely to be Played for Drama, especially if the tattoos are symbols associated with gang violence or racism, such as a swastika.
He is in the middle of getting a tattoo featuring the name of his girlfriend in a heart, but discovers he lacks enough cash to pay for it.
She explains that her mother helped her choose the design and her jealous friends wish that they had a 'cool' mother like that. In one of the commercials, he says he's celebrating his carrier's status as Canada's top mobile provider by getting a tattoo of a big number one.
His friend asked him what he had done last night; last he heard, he was going to a body-piercing place. Then her friend tells her that credit scores change (revealing the importance of the service). Some of them, though, are in questionable places, to say the least: Madoka's is on her butt, Lan's is somewhere on her breasts, and Muginami's is just above her crotch.
Since the god happens to look like a cutesy smiley face, he begs Ranma to defeat him to make it disappear. She did some serious damage wearing it, causing Luffy's most common Berserk Button to be hit and an ass-kicking to ensue. It makes more sense when you know how he got it: he got it when his best friend Nice blew out her eye in a backyard explosive accident, thinking that she shouldn't have to deal with the stares alone. Tasuki, here portrayed as an overdramatic Goth, shows off his tattoo, which he claims means something long and pretentious about "immortality in the shadows". Subsequent shots of Piotr shirtless and unarmored don't show it, though; since we never saw it removed, it may just have been Retconned out or otherwise temporary.
He passes out mid-tattoo due to screaming about the needle and complains later that it "doesn't even look like a snake — it looks like a candy cane", prompting Sam to deliver An Aesop about freedom of the individual and their inalienable right to get questionable body modifications, as long as it's their "boneheaded choice". His life goes on a downward spiral from there, and he soon winds up in prison, where the tattoo makes him a target. Because it's so conspicuous, he once declared he won't even consider a date with a girl not named Rita. He remarks on how tattoos grow along with you and Connie agrees, commenting that "That peace symbol is now the size of a stop sign". In a particularely poignant scene, he finishes taking a shower, then looks at himself in the mirror while covering up the tattoo, realizing that he will likely carry that symbol of hate with him for the rest of his life.
Woody Harrelson's character manages to talk him down about it, but he doesn't have the heart to tell him about the well-endowed stripper tattoo he got inked on his back. What makes this one less amusing is that it was given as a judicial punishment rather than a personal choice. Former Death Eaters like Snape and Karkaroff consider them shameful, given some of their exchanges in Goblet Of Fire.
As he tells Papillon and the other escapees, he foolishly got it in prison to look tough, but after escaping, he realized that it made him very easy to identify and would make a normal life almost impossible for him.
Paganel survives a stay with a friendly Maori chieftain who tattoos him top to bottom, and thenceforth he becomes very protective of his modesty. Plus, a tattoo on the face is the mark of one's slavery in this universe, so pretty much all tattoos are embarrassing. There are suggestions that there is a particularly dramatic story behind it, but it turns out to be quite banal, and the boy is not nearly as deep or interesting as was once thought. Harry had seen the symbol on a corpse earlier in the novel, so when he sees Forthill's tattoo, he realizes that Father Vincent (who helped kill the vampire and was the one who hired him to find the Shroud of Turin) has been replaced by a Denarian.
They mention having seen tattoos on a sailor and a male farmhand, and while they express curiosity to see them on a young woman, they give no hint of condemnation of the practice.
After breaking up with his fiancee Angela, Hodgins is horrified to find her father, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top,note Not played by Billy Gibbons, he is Billy Gibbons. It turns out the tattoo artist was recently dumped by the girl Ted was making out with (the one who dragged him there to get a tattoo). There are laser removal businesses and you can even get a cover-up from your tattoo artist.
It might be written in a language the wearer doesn't understand (or even read) and thus not mean what he thinks it does.

Next we see her storming off, followed by him begging her to come back, while prominently sporting a tattoo reading "Don".
However, when she looks at the tattoo in the mirror, she realises that what appeared to be an abstract design actually read "1800 Reverse" when reflected. One would presume the artist couldn't spell, but the "S" can be explained as the symbol of a pirate crew he used to captain. It's just as well, since Kitty got better and fans were speculating as to her inevitable reaction when she sees it. That's when he stops being ashamed of it and decides to make it his, by bulking up and turning himself into a real Man of Steel. Interestingly, he does get it removed, but it ends up serving as a Marked Change, as the lines still appear on his face when he is angry.
At the time, the guy just figured he'd rather be addressed as "Snakeman" than by his previous nickname, "Donkey Dick". Jewels advises him not to get something he thinks is cool now but will regret later, but rather something he will appreciate for the rest of his life. Getting a tattoo is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and let others know what you stand for. After a bit of coaxing, Bree does push up her sleeves to show them, and she tells them about the morepork owl on her left shoulder.
Angela tries to talk him down, only for Hodgins to wake up in the middle of the desert, drugged, with Angela's face tattooed on his arm in scary perfection with the caption "Angela Forever".
Traditional American tattoos gained in popularity following this time period and had an enormous leap in popularity during World War II, particularly among American Navy sailors. What better place to go to tattoo parlours than in the city where the American style tattoo was created. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of body art, you can’t go wrong when you’re in the Big Apple.
He's not too distressed, but when he turns around, the camera sees an enormous full-back tattoo with the girl's name on a heart with a teddy bear.
They also recognize the specific flowers (bamboo orchid, red mistletoe and white tea tree blossoms) she has on her arms.
Naturally, Angela is horrified ("You're sweating on me!"), but she gets over it after she and Hodgins eventually make up and get married for real.
So some of our local Richmond tattoo shops have taken it upon themselves to provide you, their underemployed or under-funded would-be patron, with a solution you’ll be pleased with. Chatham Square, in NYC, is the place where it all started and is still home to some very popular tattoo studios.
But that didn't stop Billy from doing it again, this time with Hodgins' other arm and Billy's own face (which should do wonders for their sex life). Today their unique and instantly recognizable tattoo art is undergoing a modernization that is increasingly common in the American South. The $13 tattoo offer is more of a one-time promotion intended to stir up new business rather than an ongoing offering at the participating tattoo shops.
The artwork done here is unique, particularly in the way that American Traditional style tattoosincorporate visual elements of Southern culture and Southern life. Anchors, ships, ropes, (and of course women and liquor) were staples of these tattoo designs.
We’ve sent inquiries out to a ton of tattoo shops in Richmond and so far, these are the only two tattoo shops participating.
Many common Southern design elements include moths (often moths common to the South, or Virginia specifically), cardinals, roosters (while not particularly Southern, their connotation of rural life meshes well with imagery of the South), tomatoes, blue jays, banjos, and a host of other imagery that carries Southern, rural, or Appalachian connotations. This, combined with the increasingly common tattoo festivals throughout the US and the world, are spreading the beauty of Southern style American Traditional tattoos to people around the country and around the world who might otherwise never have been exposed to them.Why Southern tattoos are part of the Traditional American styleTraditional American tattoos were known for their simplicity and their individual meaning. In other tattoo cultures throughout history, a single image might have the same meaning regardless of who was wearing it. You’ve probably got some really cool (or half-baked crackpot) idea brewing for what you want to get. The flowers, waves, and many other design elements of Japanese tattoos are intended to have uniform meaning so that getting a tattoo that contained these images had the same meaning.
Uniform meaning in tattooing was often a way to establish rank within a society, group, or organization.
It’s first come, first serve and the party ends when the shop closes or when the shop owner has had enough and tells everyone to go home. While tattoos, particularly ones with meaning tied to the individual being tattooed, will often have a unique design element, the use of images with both universal and individual meaning is a special feature of the Southern style of American Traditional tattoos.
If you happen to be in Richmond, VA and are looking for a place to get your very own Southern style tattoo, check out our tattoo shop listing page. It’s a nice crumb some of our local tattoo shops throw out there to stir up new business. Some shops we’ve talked to have intimated a small (or not so small) amount of disdain for the practice, but it is what it is.

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