Body Language Tattoo is a full service Queens NYC tattoo shop dedicated to providing the very best in quality and customer service. My first tattoo and I’m amazed on the level of talent at the shop and how comfortable they made me feel while I was there.
If you’re like most tattoo collectors, you probably have at least one tattoo that you simply don’t want on your body anymore for a number of reasons.

The perfect tattoo cover up client must put trust in the artist, be open to suggestion and willing to compromise on size, theme and color in order to make it work.
Not only do we work to cover the existing tattoo, it is also our responsibility to incorporate other important artistic elements such as texture, value, balance, contrast, tone and clarity. Our consultative screening process will help us match you with the artist that can best meet your needs.

From a young age Cris found himself drawn to the artwork of Spawn and Marvel comics, often sitting for hours replicating what he saw.

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