Recently, I have been treating a unique skin infection in a Lab used for duck hunting- a case of dog resistant Staph infection. Generally speaking, resistant Staph is not the first thing I think of when I see a dog with a skin infection. A treatment that is gaining a lot of attention lately is the use of honey products in wound treatments. Discover the principles, strategies, and recipes to help your pet live a longer, healthier life through the art of Food Therapy. I have seen a few cases of resistant Staph in my fifteen years but none of which presented like this one. Some of the reasons include the following: prolonged antibiotic treatment, other immuno-compromising diseases,  mixed bacterial and fungal infections and, sometimes, dogs just get it. Usually, unless the area is really nasty, I think of general pyoderma which responds quickly to antibiotics like Cephalexin.

The dog obviously got a foxtail (burr) in its foot, you can see the entry point between the toes. Usually, these infections show up after prolonged antibiotic therapy for some sort of other infection.
Then the other photos taken farther up the leg indicate the place the foxtail has built up the most pressure around it from puss build up. However, when  a lesion doesn’t respond as expected, other diagnostic tests should be performed such as culture and sensitivity.
His areas of specialty include: Traditional Western Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Chiropractic and Prolotherapy. I will agree with you, though, that lesions between the toes should be considered as foreign body until proven otherwise. Even though Amikacin is expensive, aggressive treatment is mandatory in order to control the infection.

He is also co-creator of Pet-Tao Pet Foods, the only commercially available pet food combining Western nutritional science with Eastern Food Therapy.
In this case, the diagnosis was resistant staph infection not a foxtail or other foreign body.
Trust me, last summer my Springer Spaniel, Shadrach, had tons of foxtails stuck in all four of his paws, we just soaked his feet in Epsom Salt and everything was fine.

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