Our advice is, if you've got too much money, waste it on something sensible, like cigarettes. Urban tattoo designs can be a mixture of elements including banners or flames with their designs.
We all know that if you take any existing tattoo designs and add lettering to it you will get tattoo that is yours and personal (unique).
You can download and obtain this astounding image that we served by click the download button below to get our good quality versions. The lying bastard you are talking to (who in many cases can fill in the designs if he has the stencil, like a kid with crayons and a coloring book, but who cannot, on his own, draw an apple), will simply Mickey-Mouse up an imitation in 5 minutes (I am not exaggerating) before you arrive for the job, and the tattoo will look like hell.

They are constantly closing up shop and moving around, partly to learn (i.e, they go to Japan for a year, Holland for a year, to work with some other tattooist), but mainly to evade tax. Why should the artist waste 500 or 1000 dollars of his time doing the stencil (assuming he has the talent to do so), for a one-time job?
If you're going to do it, KNOW WHAT A TATTOOO STENCIL LOOKS LIKE, AND ASK IF THEY HAVE THE GODDAMN STENCIL. Next time you see somebody with a great-looking tattoo, just ask him, where did you get it? I walked into a tat joint recently just to ask a question, and while I was there, I asked if they did Japanese tattoos.

They might do it for a friend, or at a convention, where they are trying to win a prize, but otherwise they just don't care.

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