I’ve always been a music fan, from dance to rock to pop and hip hop I have a massive variation on ┬ámy playlist, and now I can add Jazz to my long list of favourites. I hate to confess that I’ve never spent that much time in Northern Ireland, so when I got the opportunity to travel to Derry I said yes immediately.
The bedroom was perfect and there is WiFi (a must for me), the continental breakfast was perfect and the staff were extremely helpful, especially since I had never been to Derry so I was like a lost puppy. But as soon as we walk into the lobby of the central hotel we are greeted with lively jazz music and dozens of locals chatting and drinking as they celebrate the annual festival. It’s actually difficult to make it to the lifts to get to our rooms, but the atmosphere is electric. We are situated right by the river and we can see views of the city from our room, a quick change of clothes and we are off to explore Derry, and it doesn’t disappoint. I was dying to see the city and all it has to offer, and while tasting their local seafood and partying in the lobby of our hotel helped, I wanted to get out and about. Any Derry native I spoke to told me to check out the walking tour of Derry, which includes walking along Derry’s walls. Martin, who passed away recently, was renowned for his honesty on the tour, speaking about Derry’s turbulent past, and even entertained Will Ferell on his last visit here.

I had a real foodie holiday in Derry during the Jazz festival, and another place I loved was Custom House. Situated literally a stone throw away from our hotel, you can enjoy views of the city as you sit by the river. Another very fulfilling restaurant I had the plate of breads and oils to start, lamb for my main and an amazing banoffee dessert. It wasn’t all about fine dining and music on this trip, my love for Derry grew so much that I decided to get a tattoo of a heart on my wrist while I was there. Being honest I actually designed the tattoo a year ago, but it felt fitting to get inked in Derry when I truly felt at peace there.
Myself and my friend both headed to tattoo studio tribal markings where I got my little heart for ?30 and my friend got a quill (she’s a writer too). Our final visit on my trip to Derry was to see the amazing Jamie Cullen perform at the Millennium Forum. A fantastic venue, musicals and gigs are going on year round, and Jamie’s performance genuinely blew me away.
From standing on top of his piano belting out Everlasting Love, to his haunting rendition of Pure Imagination, Jamie’s performance was the perfect way to end the Derry Jazz Festival.

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This is super simple in contrast with the rest of this sub, but this is my life in a picture and I love it!
Decorated with sea shells, wide mirrors and blue decor, the seafood theme really sticks…and don’t even get me started on the food!
I think its a great peice and she wants to get some advice on what to add to her upper back to match!?

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