Chopstick is one of Osaka's oldest and most respected studios, it also happens to be the work place of US ex-pat, Osaka Ben, whose distinctly Japanese pop-culture referenced art style won us over almost immediately. Master in Japanese tattooing, Trevor McStay, works out of his Melbourne-based studio, Dynamic Tattoo. To begin our studio section we're featuring Tatudharma, Sydney's first appointment-only tattoo studio. From there things only grew to such an extent that Josh recently renovated the studio to accomodate his fellow staff. We do all types of custom tattooing here at our shop, from old school and neo traditional through to new school and photo based realism.

We will take your ideas and mix them with our own ideas and thoughts, and have a design that’s hand drawn for you and ready in time for your appointment. Collective Art and Tattoo Studio is one of the studios that makes custom works, just for you, exactly as you would like!
And we took some photos - to see what Trevor had to say, pick up thesecond issue of Post Modern Ink.
We'll be regularly updating this area of the site with our featured magazine studios as well as other reputable places to visit if you're feeling ink-itchy; replete with all the info you could need about the studio and its artists. The tattoo studio is comfortable, clean and sanitary and includes a nice waiting area and working places.

It will be a truly unique piece, for the consultation you will need to bring with you any reference material you have in mind for your design and let us know your own ideas and requirements regarding your tattooing.
Every person has their own unique style, our artists take body art very seriously, because it’s something they will be doing for life which is on your body for life!

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