Harry’s fern tattoo (which we originally thought looked like a castle with a flag in the top) is inked in black and white on his left arm, just below the gigantic ship tattoo he had inked in December 2012 with then-girlfriend Taylor Swift by his side. Styles is the king of tiny tats, and we have to admit…we sometimes have a hard time keeping up with them all! With 49 tattoos and counting, there is one piece in particular that Harry has managed to keep pretty low-key – the small fern tat on his arm – but we’ve got photographic proof that the ink exists.

So now we just have to figure out what it means to the pop star!In pictures of Harry back in September – when he added the large rose arm tattoo to his collection – the discreet fern tattoo wasn’t yet inked on his bicep, so the fern was definitely done at some point between September and October 2013. If you remember, Niall, Liam and a couple of their buddies got fake fern tattoos on their wrists while in New Zealand, because the silver fern is a national emblem of New Zealand, used in the country’s coat of arms and on its one dollar coin. Similarly, Zayn Malik’s tattoo of a New Zealand fantail on the back of his neck was inked while the band was performing in New Zealand for their Up All Night tour.

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