This colorful storefront on Wells Street is Brewers Art Supply, a store that sells equipment and materials for making beer and wine at home. The building used to be home to Artistry In Ink Tattoo, and the owners of the homebrewing store kept the colorfully painted facade, changing the words from Piercing and Tattooing to Homebrewing and Winemaking. The door closing off the space between the building and the Mexican ice cream parlor next door still has the Snap One graffiti on it, which I photographed in 2010. Licensing the use of my photographs provides the income that allows me to continue making these images as well as providing for my family.
This building was home to Artistry In Ink Tattoo, one of several Tattoo shops on Wells Street, for many years.

I use black metal Neilsen & Bainbridge frames with white cotton unbuffered museum board for the mat and backing board for maximum archival protection.
This allows time for me to make your print, and if you have ordered a framed print, to frame and mat it.
They have been used to illustrate magazines and online news articles, and have been used on corporate and small business websites.
If you are a tattoo shop and need that last minute ink or gun to get the job done, come on by. Photographs are printed on an Epson pigment printer using Epson's archival ultrachrome inset for long life.

Please see my Stock Photos page for some examples of the things that my photographs have been used for. We offer very little mark up so we can pass on high quality tattoo ink and guns to our valued customers. In November of 2010 the Brewers Art Supply store, a company that sells home beer brewing supplies, moved into this building from its former location in the little shopping center down the street.

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