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For African-American Web surfers who just can't relate to their browsers, there's hope: the Blackbird Web browser.
The more I hang out here the more concerned I become about the mental health of a growing number of Euro-Americans.
Louis for the last 7 years, but starting January 1st 2013, Thunderdome Tattoo became her new home base!

The Internet is color blind, it doesn't matter who is in front of the keyboard, the software operates the same.
Amanda’s second home is West Palm Beach, FL, with the wonderful guys and girls at Hellcat Tattoo (aka hellkitty)!
To have a web browser for African-Americans is an affront, not only to Blacks, but to all other ethnicities that are, by implication, excluded from the use of the Blackbird web browser.
Some of her favorite things to tattoo are cute things (!), flowers, or anything pretty with lots of colors!

She would say her specialty is color combinations and making things extra girly (dont worry guys she’d love to do your tattoos too)!

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