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Love of music or love is music…this combination of heart, sound waves and headphones could mean either.
The wearer of this love symbol tattoo is definitely a lover of music going by the heart shape formed by musical notes. Bright orange love symbol tattoos on both the wrists are a fantastic way to show your love for someone.
This strange love symbol tattoo with a heart and skull depicts how love can make or break you.
A pair of pink hearts like in this love symbol tattoo is a soft and feminine way to express love for someone.
A heart flying free with wings but bound by creepers shows a conflict of emotions in this very artistic love symbol tattoo. A rose with just the words ‘true love’ are a lovely way to sport an expressive love symbol tattoo.
This red heart is gift wrapped with a ribbon showing love for one person and is a great love symbol tattoo. What could be more explicit than two hearts with the couple’s names tattooed in such an artistic form?
A modern art heart is a great way to say you love someone and this love symbol tattoo expresses it very well. When you like Chinese letters for a love symbol tattoo this artistic one is just what you are looking for.

This is a great love symbol tattoo with the hands forming the letters ILU expressing ones love for someone. A beautiful butterfly perched on the artistically designed letter L makes a classy love symbol tattoo.
When you want a design that expresses undying love this love symbol tattoo with entwined hearts is great. A heart with the word love in strong bold letters makes this a very emphatic love symbol tattoo.
A mother and daughter both sporting such lovely love symbol tattoos is a superb expression of maternal bonding. Love that is ever lasting can be displayed with a love symbol tattoo in this small yet artistic design.
This artistically designed heart is enveloped in love and makes a superb love symbol tattoo. Being in love is a wonderful thing and this bright and artistic love symbol tattoo is the best way to show it. When you are in love you are flying on wings just like the heart in this love symbol tattoo. Never ending love can be best expressed by this beautifully designed heart and infinity sign of the love symbol tattoo. The wearer of this love symbol tattoo is a little confused maybe about his feelings hence the uneasiness!
I think Mixed Metaphors tattoo idea is only made for me because i love music very much and its the best tattoo that can show the love towards the music.

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In A Nurturing Environment The Wolf Is Intensely Passionate, Generous, Deeply Affectionate, And Gentle~ My Native American Zodiac Symbol, & Favorite Animal. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. This Is My Next Tattoo.Celtic Symbol Of Sisterhood Tattoo -A Wave Is Symbolized As One Of The Strongest Forces On Earth. But where love is considered even the traditional heart and flowers combo serves the purpose.
Mere words aren’t “mere” anymore when you express love but get a lot more meaning than what is voiced.
A red rose, a red heart, letters, bouquets, etc are all symbols that show everlasting love. Love has no meaning unless you show it in some way and that’s where these tattoos come in use. A few words and symbols can have such a deep meaning is an indisputable fact, just as a small gesture can express profound emotions that can’t be expressed in speech. A Guy I Use To Like Mother Had This Tattoo And It Is To Inspire Me To Find True Love And To Find The True Meaning Of Things Because You Really Have To Look At It So See The People.

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