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Catfish host Nev Schulman and girlfriend Laura Perlongo are expectingInternet sleuths rejoice, Catfish host Nev Schulman went and made a baby! Tribal arm tattoos are normally well-liked, even so, not many folks are aware of the significance of the several tribal body art.
Nearly every tribal body art is substantial, that’s the reason spots such as the arm, lower and upper back, and so forth. Tribal animal body art appear a little distinctive from typical animal body art since they convey more of the subjective design.
When analyzing what fashion is all about, clothes tend to be the paramount aspect looked forward to. The Grand Lodge of Arkansas rigged the rules so that once they had you under charges there was no way for you to escape, or so they said.
Gordon’s position was that he was a volunteer not a paid member of staff and therefore he had every right to resign, especially if he felt he was not being treated well. Many a fellow Mason, responding to the case of Frank Haas and the Grand Lodge of West Virginia, Gate City Lodge and the Grand Lodge of Georgia and most recently Derek Gordon and the Grand Lodge of Arkansas, has repeatedly said that whatever a Grand Lodge decides and whatever it rules it is within its rights and taking the dispute outside of Freemasonry into the civil courts is wrong. Well let’s take the common practice of Grand Masters to rule and govern by edict when the Grand Lodge is not in Session.  Most Grand Lodge by-laws stipulate that the Grand Master rules in absentia. Thus when a Grand Master sandbags a Brother by showing up at his Lodge under false pretenses and then expelling him by edict, that action may be blatantly illegal.  Likewise, when a Grand Master visits a Lodge and promptly pulls its charter and closes it down, that too may be illegal.
THE BIGGEST THING FREEMASONS TODAY NEED TO FACE IS THAT FREEMASONRY IS NO LONGER A PRIVATE SOCIETY. The state of Arkansas has published guidelines for its nonprofit and volunteer organizations. There are two versions of the Arkansas Nonprofit Corporation Act, (“ANPCA”), one passed in 1963, and one passed in 1993.
So the Grand Lodge of Arkansas may be grandfathered out of many of these requirements as it was incorporated in 1846.  Yet many Arkansas nonprofit corporations realizing that the post civil rights era of legislation has seen many changes drastically transforming society have signed onto the 1993 act voluntarily. We say that Freemasonry has its own law yet we admonish all within the Craft to uphold the civil government and obey the civil statutes.  Does that mean that Freemasonry can knowingly try to operate with Masonic Law that is in direct conflict with Civil Law? 2)   Running a closed society that allows no freedom of expression and muzzles its members is antithetical to Freemasonry of the Enlightenment. 3)   Operating a society with laws, rules and regulations that conflict with civil law and civil rights is not only not in the spirit of Freemasonry but also blatantly immoral. 4)   An organization in this day and age, especially a nonprofit volunteer one, cannot realistically force a person against his will to remain a member. 5)   Making up silly and vindictive rules such as prohibiting members from using the Internet or any electronic means to discuss Freemasonry is unbecoming and un-Masonic.
6)   It’s been almost 50 years since Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement transformed America.
7)   It is painfully evident that Grand Lodges can no longer operate as they have done in the past.   This is the 21st century with new ways of looking at different lifestyles and morality. Finally let us dispense with the notion that holding Freemasonry accountable in civil court is against Masonic moral law.  It is Grand Lodges who took themselves out of staying a purely private organization and into the civil world of corporate non-profits. Derek Gordon is not going to self expel himself, nor is he going to attend his Masonic trial.
About Fred MillikenFred is a Past Master of Plymouth Lodge, Plymouth Massachusetts, and Past Master of Paul Revere Lodge, Brockton, Massachusetts.
It is remarkable that the teachings of such a positive institution can be so blindly ignored. And then to find out he resigned as a Mason using a registered letter but continued to present himself as a Mason?
And yes if you are faced with a trial and resign so you do not have to go to a trial dealing with your expulsion.
A very sad day… I may have agreed with Derek on many of his points of defense but his way of dealing with the issue was wrong.
Your view, which you are entitled to and for which I will fight to the death to see that you have it, assumes that there is a level playing field and that both parties involved are honest, sincere and above-board. To say that you agree with Derek’s position but now have lost respect for him because he will not stay and fight is not to have a firm grasp on reality. Thousands of people have walked away from their homelands to flee despotic, tyrannical rule. That said, I do have to agree with Dean — after Derek took his case public so that he could get a trial when he was back in the US, he should have manned up and seen it through. Further, if you’re going to insist that the GL play by the rules, then you need to hold Derek to the same standard.
Note that nobody is saying that Derek was wrong ethically for posting what he did (well, most people, anyway).
Reading the eloquent letter by Derek and the misspelling-riddled response from GL tells me all I need to know about this situation. For the life of me I do not see why anybody would stay and submit themselves to a Masonic trial when they knew they were going to lose no matter how good their case was.
Derek will man up by living to fight another battle from a position of strength rather than one who has been ostracized.
Tis a sad day when Freemasons have to resort to legal battles to resolve differences of opinion.
Derek was right to publish the Grand Masters edict on those license plates to the website, and if other websites has published the same information as Derek with out reprisal then that part of the GL argument is null and void.
I pray that there are some lodges across the United States and the world that have the common sense to teach the lessons of masonry so strong that when many lodges go dark over this and other public controversy that there will be enough lodges rooted in the true masonry that will survive.
One thing I will explain is the Honorable Cleveland Wilson is presiding Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Arkansas and Honorable Wilbert Curtis is presiding Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas.
The discussion herein makes one wonder if the Grand Lodge system has outlived its usefulness; that it no longer supports the basic tenants of Freemasonry.
I find it interesting that someone above (Curtis) posted a nice piece about some grapevine saying that Bro. Please your holiness, get the great lords of Arkansas to give all of this other information that has not been shared. I guess Derek and you are not as close friends as you thought if he has not shared his letter with you!

Now that there is an obvious manipulation of words on the part of your grapevine chaps, you need to quickly find a way to rectify your thesaurus to say that expulsion means resignation and vice versa.
I do have to agree with Dean — after Derek took his case public so that he could get a trial when he was back in the US, he should have manned up and seen it through. Further, if you’re going to insist that the GL play by the rules, then you need to hold Derek to the same standard.
It appears that what has transpired based on the information disemenated we have a member of the Inner Circle; which more than likely has over extented his stay. I would pounder and spectulate that the Grand Master has been in the postion for some time, has a seasoned conservative mindset and is surrounded by like minded supporters.
We as Brothers are thought early on in our advancment to have a faithful breast, attentive ear and an intructive tongue. I firmly believe that the Lord will punish those who continue to speak ill of someone who has been entirely open regarding a situation.
Sleeve Tattoos Design Ideas – Sleeve tattoos design are getting more normal as tattoos edge their path into standard society.
Nev and girlfriend Laura Perlongo, who had been dating long-distance for 7 months when they got that life-changing positive result back, each shared pics and posts about the joyous news today via Instagram. You can pick any kind of animal body art based on your option and get the tattoo design to transform it into a tribe animal body art.
Animal tats would be the ideal choice for arm tats as the majority of the animal tattoos are substantial, and also the arm provides a large canvas with regard to such tats. Since the name indicates, these tattoo design styles represent belief in religious beliefs. Island armband tattoo, Celtic armband tattoo design is a few styles you are able to go for.
No long drawn out accusations, no reprimands, no recrimination, just “I resign.”Faced with what he felt was a rigged kangaroo court, Gordon saw he had little other options. He knew in his heart that he did no wrong and remained true to the real spirit of Freemasonry. This Grand Lodge, like a number of others in the United States, felt that it could rule arbitrarily and make up the laws, rules and regulations on the fly to thwart every challenge to their despotic ways.
This enabled them to rule by fear and keep anybody not toeing the party line on the outside looking in. These well intentioned Brothers tell us that Freemasonry is a private organization and rules itself as a power unto itself and that bringing the profane into adjudication is both Masonically illegal and immoral. Most Grand Lodges today are public corporations.  It would be very foolish in today’s world not to be. In other areas of corporate law it may also be illegal to file vague charges against a volunteer or employee without specifically informing the accused of exactly the offense that was violated and in what manner. Lastly as a public corporation its membership and the entire public community has the right to look at its tax, revenues and payroll records as well as its charitable contributions as filed with the government. How does the Grand Lodge of Arkansas reflect this diversity?  Is 15.7 % of its membership African American?, 10%?, 5%?, 1%?, any at all? Corporations created prior to 1993 are subject to the 1963 Act, unless they choose to subject themselves to the 1993 Act.
Many also have done so because the new Act protects the interest of members and ensures against deception and mistreatment.
Freemasonry must stop living in the past as West Virginia and Arkansas are doing.  Instead it needs to adapt to the mores of present day society.
Grand Lodges are now in a public-private partnership yet they refuse to recognize their duty to civil law and their new commitments.  Failure of Freemasonry to operate within the framework of present day moral, societal and political civil practice could be very costly to the Craft.
If he knew in his heart he had done no wrong, then the outcome would have been the same, one way or the other. If, indeed, that is what precipitated his troubles, then that is reprehensible on the part of the GL. Hell, if nothing else, then it would have given you fodder for another post on how ridiculous the trial was. Resigning is the same as admitting that one was guilty, no matter how the cards were stacked against him. Brothers I thought we were on the Level, white gloves to cover dirty nails of farmers, doctors equal to laborers, educated equal to uneducated but not here.
It should have never came down to this young man feeling that he had no other option than to leave Freemasonry behind him and move on. Derek received his new trial date and an explanation of charges BECAUSE he continued to say he is not part of Arkansas and implies he has no contacts to Arkansas. Curtis I would challenge you to obtain a copy of the certified mail signature receipt and post it showing that he signed for that particular piece of mail. By choosing to “resign” (and this is not the correct term), then he forfeited those lifetime dues. We have also a young Lion that may have realized such and refused to follow an out dated Leader or Leadership and made a concsious decision to formally Demit.
Therefore, any member not supportive of stagment mentalities would be a threat to the status quo and not one of growth, enlightenedment, nor embrass 21ST Centuries ideals.
If we have an issue with a Brother we’re thought to first communicate directly with him. Forget the quanity of membership enrollments and concentrate on the quality of men you attract, bring in your lodges and hold your leaders accountable.
Sleeve tattoo design covers from the upper part of the shoulder down to the elbow (simply marginally more than a short-sleeved shirt). Animal tattoo designs that are well-liked for tribe styles are lions, tigers, leopards, turtles, and so on.
Individuals who reveal a tribal history or those people who are willing on it will also get a tribe cross skin image. Apart from these patterns, you may also go for spiked wire armband body art, by using a tribe structure all around it. If one way or the other he was going to go then it would be on his terms not the terms of a tyrannical closed society purging its membership of any dissenters or freethinkers. They pushed through a non electronic Masonic communication law on the spur of the moment in order to have an excuse on which to hang their phony charges against Gordon. If you were up on charges, which were often made up bogus violations, then the Grand Lodge gave you two choices, submit to a Masonic trial (predetermined outcome) or fill out a form to self expel yourself, in the process also self blackballing yourself from every other jurisdiction in the United States. The limited liability and the tax advantages are just too great for a multimillion dollar organization like Freemasonry to pass up.

Some Grand Masters pay little or no attention to the civil laws which they are required to adhere to. Does anyone know of at least one African American that belongs to the Grand Lodge of Arkansas? For some it becomes not what you can get away with but rather what is the spirit of the times and how can I join in to be a part of it.  Sadly it seems that the Grand Lodge of Arkansas would rather live in the Civil War era and operate under the rules of a bygone era. Our ritual work teaches the importance of precision in language, yet this idiot seems to have missed that lesson. There is no reason that a human being should subject themselves to a mockery of fairness and be humiliated by slander and lies followed by banishment when none of it is true. Also, to compare GLs with dictatorial governments is a bit of a stretch; the GL policies might not be something we all agree on, but nobody forces you to become a Mason, nor does anyone force you to remain in the fraternity. And most states will only grant a demit when one is current in their finances, and not under some Masonic sentence (suspension or expulsion). But in your zeal for some kind of justice, you may be going a bit overboard with your invective. If it were the latter, then he’d have been able to make a case later on, or if not, then he would at least have had the opportunity to change things from within. I think that was a prejudiced decision based on the point that the Prince Hall had beaten them to the punch and that some of the money for the license plates would go to support PHLs. Being brought up on charges means that an accusation has been filed and to not answer to that charge is to admit guilt.
But alas, I feel that Masonry has become more social then educational and the problems of a social society are upon us.
It’s a sad state of affairs when a Grand Lodge takes so harsh measures over something as silly as this was initially, and blew it all out of proportion. Freemasonry of today is considered Speculative and supposiedly and progressive mental science. Hand the Brother been financial Locally and with the Grand Lodge he should have been allowed to without recourse. These individuals are drunk on power and assume that they Freemasonry within themselves, their jurisdictions and their ancient conceptions thereof could not exsist or continue without them.
The Lodges and more importantly the Grand Lodges belong to the members not its elected or appointed Officers. Quarter, three-quarter, and full sleeve tattoo design are additionally getting to be more expected. Some sort of tattoo is regarded as symbolic of courageousness and persistence, since it takes lots of psychological strength to endure the pain sensation of having a tattoo. There are lots of styles obtainable in this tattoo such as the winged mix, the particular Celtic tribal cross or even the traditional tribal cross with simply well-defined ends and fantastic shaped form. You can even make use of your creativeness and come on top of some distinctive armband tattoo design.
They refused to reveal specifically what he had done wrong, telling him to come enter the “Lion’s Den” and then we will tell you all about how we are going to screw, blue and tattoo you. But to attain these advantages a company or organization must sign onto the articles of incorporation and the corporate and nonprofit laws,  – secular, civil rules that supersede any Masonic traditions or by-laws, rules and regulations of Grand Lodges. Most state’s corporation rules state that the corporation is governed by a Board of Directors when the Grand Lodge is not in session.  Corporate rules supersede any organization’s by-laws.
To the Grand Lodge of Arkansas, accept the resignation of Derek Gordon and put an end to your foolishness.
If you go asking for years of dues back then you are looking for more than a demit, you are looking for a refund from the whole experience. A common man could never be a Grand Master because our leaders are only the highly educated because we don’t really believe in being on the LEVEL! What is really funny is that the GL does not follow these websites or comment on them and you think they do.
Whereby each member is thought (if educated properly) to excel and advance himself in the attainment of knowledge which would hopefully in the end bring him closer to that which was lost. Wether or not the Brother would have subjected himself to a Masonic trial to so call fight the good fight his outcome would have been predetermined and nothing favorable would have become him.
They first learned to follow before they learned to lead, but have forgotten that some times you must go back and follow in order to learn to lead in todays times.
Our morales should be exemplary for all to see; every second, minute, day, hour and in any given situation. Self expulsion is also akin to “tar and feathering” yourself and if you refuse to sign the form or attend your Masonic trial they will try you in absentia. This was reported in an earlier Beehive column that seemed to generate little comment or attention. This means that the Grand Master cannot decide matters at all, he must refer all business over to the Board.
My opinion is based on my personally attending such a formallity as well as past accounts of inproprieties communicated to me from both sides where the civil courts were involved.
We sometimes over extend our times in positions and become less effective in its growth and become burdens, pests, leches, problems and not solutions to what the Craft is truly about.
We should be beyond meadocor behavior in any context, yet be exemplory in all our laudable undertakings. Establish anonymous Investigation Committees not just for your Prospects, but for your elected Officials as well who will only answer to the Members in written form communicated by the Secretaries or Recorders.
But because we have the yes men, spindless and egotistical men in our inner circles it’s like the blind leading the blind and they have not a clue.
Make your Grand Lodge Officers accountable to the Board of Directors and make sure they aren’t part of the Inner Circles, but are part of the best of the Craft. This process cannot be inspired by Masonic practice; rather it seems to have been borrowed from the KKK. So a merger by circumstance began with the intermingling of both Operative and Spectulative Gentlmen.

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