The answer really is in the question itself-you’re dealing with tattoo shops who are more interested in tattooing you. The idea of having body piercings by appointment plays right into this batch piercing mentality.
The other reason why many tattoo shops do not have a body piercer on staff is that there is a shortage of them nationwide.
So when a tattoo shop says their body piercer is not in, or they tell you that you have to make an appointment to be pierced now you know what is really going on. For man people getting a tattoo or body piercing used to involve going into a bad part of town, getting drunk and getting through a painful process and hoping for the best. In California, for example, since the passage of AB 300, many new regulations have been enacted regarding safety provisions that had been mostly neglected by the average tattoo shop.
Choosing the right supplier for body piercing kits and supplies can make the difference between a happy and successful piercing and a disaster, ending in infection. In an effort to inform our readers of the inherent dangers and huge differences in body art supplies and body piercing kits available today, we strive to keep up to date on the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to body art suppliers.

The above photo is for a kit that is currently being hocked on ebay for $60 plus shipping, and without really looking at what is included it might seem appealing. If you are thinking about a career change or are tired of the hassle of working for others, maybe you should look into becoming a professional body piercer.
Unlike tattooing (which demands artistic skills), body piercing is a process that can be perfected through practice.
In this age of tough economic times and jobs that may require college degrees to make a decent wage, there is one that stands out and can be learned without paying thousands to a college that can make you in excess of $100 an hour; body piercing.
You will need to learn the basics of body piercing first, either by apprenticing yourself to a piercer or through repetitious practice until you are competent. Although many tattoo artists know how to pierce, the majority of them would rather sell you an expensive tattoo than make a few dollars off a piercing, substantially less than even a small tattoo. Piercing should only take five minutes or so by somebody who is competent and knows what they’re doing.
And lastly, it stands to reason they will not be as adamant about making sure the mobile piercer is properly licensed and permitted.

In my shop we do more piercings than anyone else in our area and we do them competently and quickly without an appointment necessary.
If we run out of something that is required we will turn the customer away rather than look around for what we can jam in and make do with. It doesn’t completely guarantee that it will be done right but it does show that the shop at least takes piercing seriously enough to have somebody there to do it.
Any shop that doesn’t have a piercer on site to do walk-ins on any given business day of the week should be avoided at all costs.

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