Get this cursive-letter-designs-design-your-own-writing-tattoo-5423237 for free in Good resolution. David McCandless’ TED Talk has me pondering data visualization and its easy intuitiveness.
Now, I sign my name, and when called on to write more than a sentence, my hand starts to cramp. For me, the written word has become almost exclusively, the type-written word.
So, as data visualizations become easier to create and large, meaningful data sets are opened to public consumption, and people take the easy route to control massive information glut, maybe reading will go the same way that writing has. Combining images with minimal text and speech seems to be a more effective way to make a point. Not that we’ll forget how to read, but will it become a difficult skill because our minds are accustomed to information delivered visually? Although it sounds like a bad thing to deemphasize writing and reading, you could view these advancements as evolution of communication.
I know what you mean, but I think it’s an inevitable certainty that reading actual books will go the same way that handwriting has. Better is a value judgement, natch, so here’s to hoping we can actually quantify a difference.
I realize that this comment is coming two years too late, but I just felt it necessary to make a quick point.

As long as our brains crave quick bursts of entertainment, we’ll always face a discipline problem. The views expressed on this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.
One reason we all love data pr0n is that it creates an easy way to understand a point, see a pattern, whatever. We’re moving much faster now, but how much different is this than the invention of the printing press? As for the federal code I have to read through every day in my current job, I’ll skim read through that as much as I please to get to what I need thank you.
Guessing here, but you and I seem to belong to a generation that had books and reading high on the list of fun activities for kids. You’ll find lots of people who took the easier route of TV, video games and movies and never put in the work to enjoy books. Ikea probably saves millions without writing (and translating) directions, and the communication mechanism is very similar to comic books, paging Ultan.
They mix images with few words to make points; this is a shift from bullet point and text heavy slides that require the audience to read and listen at the same time.
The scent (quite literally) of 100 years of western thought is incredible and made me happy to not own a Kindle.

To that end, written (or typed) communication needs to be clear, concise and convey said key points with minimal effort to maintain efficiency.
Unless you really want me wasting thousands of tax payer funded man hours on useless reading not related to my task at hand.
That list was shorter than it is now and had fewer easy activities on it than the current one. It’s analyzed by the one that raised it, and then does the same to the next, combining broad generalizations into stereotypes. I wrote letters, I wrote checks and kept a hand-written ledger, I took written notes in work meetings. Sure, people can successfully combine the hard and easy activities, but it’s more difficult now.

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