Whether you feel like a good angel or a bad one, these tattoo designs featuring angel wings offer some interesting ideas. Even artwork for classic angel wing tattoo designs is very intricate, with a lot of detail and shading.
Classic wings don't have to be a full back design, nor do they have to be shaped so they are cascading downward. If you like the idea of angel wing tattoos on your back but prefer something smaller than a full back placement, these smaller red and yellow wings can be a good choice. This angel wing design has a more ethereal look, making it an excellent choice for someone who wants to emphasize the religious element of the design, or to honor a loved one who has passed away and is now in Heaven.
These mostly black angel wings have more of a gothic or steampunk look, possibly symbolizing a dark angel.
You can incorporate other symbols with angel wings for a particularly personal tattoo with special meaning for you.

Adding a fleur de lis, which can symbolize light or purity, can turn your tattoo into a visible reminder to let goodness and holiness guide your actions. Some tattoos include both an angel and a devil, indicating a combination of (or struggle between) good and evil.
Tattoos that include angel wings paired with a heart can indicate love for someone who is alive or who has passed on. Whatever design or placement you choose, consider your personal preferences as well as the symbolism and meaning behind your selection. This is a great option for someone who wants a large visible reminder that angels are watching and standing guard, wherever he or she may go. This pair is a bit more open that the previous design, but there's still a lot of detail in the artwork.
This would make a fabulous full back tattoo that allows you to work in a combination of particularly meaningful elements.

The red and yellow shades can indicate passion and love (red) and protection and clarity (yellow). This set of gothic or steampunk style angel wings positioned on the wearer's lower abdomen is both beautiful and sexy.
This design gives the impression of clouds, and the upward shape may indicate ascending into Heaven.
If you see something you like, feel free to customize it into a tattoo that will be uniquely your own. While these styles can be used on the back, they are more common on other areas of the body.

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