If you are the original creator of material featured on this website and want it removed, please contact the webmaster. Softcore porn model and reality television star, Sofia Hellqvist, is engaged to marry Swedish Prince Carl Philip.
What the Hell-qvist?  A few generations ago it was unheard of for royalty to marry someone without a title.  Perfectly lovely writers born with innate curtsying skills and skulls genetically evolved for tiara-wearing bravely navigate existence without benefit of royal title because one of their great-greats fell in love with a commoner and now princes can marry porn stars? I’m not opposed to opening up the wading pool of prospective partners to more than just titled distant cousins, but it shouldn’t be opened so far that it gets filled with Band-Aids bloodied by stripper heels and becomes a cesspool of STDs with hair extensions and body glitter floating on top. Due to the profession of the Swedish strumpet Sofia, screen grabs from her body of work will contain nudity.  For those who do not wish to gaze upon the naked form of this future Swedish royal, please abandon ship for this post. The future wife of the third in line to the throne of Sweden, Sofia Hellqvist, first appeared nude on December 6, 1984, the day she was born.  At the age of sixteen, Sofia posed semi-nude for photographer Lennart Sjoberg with her parents’ permission.
A “Paradise Hotel” finalist, Sofia broke Las Vegas’ code and bragged about kissing porn star Jenna Jameson for publicity, speaking about the “memorable” experience to Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. After “Paradise Hotel” ended, Sofia moved to NYC where she posed for nude photos for photographer Antoine Verglas.
In addition to nude modeling, Sofia became a yoga instructor and worked as a club promoter in the Meatpacking District where she cozied up to potential sugar daddies and got used to others paying her bills. Sofia and Prince Carl Philip started shacking up in April 2011.  Sofia was hosed down and deloused to the best abilities of modern science. One of Sofia’s tattoos was lasered off and her navel ring was removed.  Sofia still has one tattooed on her upper back that’s frequently spotted. It’s one of those Chinese ideograms that were so popular in 2007-2008 when those who don’t speak Chinese thought it would be cool to have inspirational words tattooed on them like “hope” and “peace” in Chinese but wound up getting tattoos that read “evil bird camphor” and “white hooker” instead.  Sofia got the Chinese ideogram for “light” which in Parseltongue translates to “Swallows Prey Whole”. The engagement announcement of Sofia and Prince Carl Philip was made at 5:30 on Friday June 27, 2014 after consent to the marriage was given by the King and Swedish Government in accordance with the Swedish Constitution. The bride-to-be wore a figure-hugging red dress with the tab of the back zipper dangling provocatively beneath her buttocks. By the way, Sofia tried to sue the photographer of one of the nude pictures, which one, I’m confused, but I know she tried. Also, didn’t Sofia lived with an elder gentleman who was by all account a sugar daddy?

Oh and by the way, the rumor of those two being engaged had begun to circulate for a week or so before. NY is expensive and she couldn’t have done it all by herself with a part time yoga instructor. Most women would but Sofia probably wants the kind of grand opulent wedding you can’t just throw together.
I live in a little town with a population of 18,000 and there are dozens of educated, hard working, kind (and pretty) women here. I also can’t get past the fact that her parents allowed and encouraged her (yes, in one interview about it, she said that her mom encouraged her) to pose topless at age 16. It is my understanding that that first set of photos, which many would classify as bondage p o r n, were taken when she was 16.
I’ve heard the same thing about their challenging the legalities of the first photo shoot which was actually far more risque than the photos that have been published to date suggest. My2Pence, they could be having technical difficulty, I was having problems too with my comment filter and someone on RD mentioned they couldn’t even access my site. Antibiotics, anti-virals, anti-fungals, and something to help with all the nausea – doctor’s orders! I left a comment on yahoo, In it I said she had posed nude and that she was no princess material.
I think people should marry who they want, but Prince Carl Philip should turn in his title and his royal rights if he marries Sofia. I truly feel bad for Queen Silvia, Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine, their feelings are inconsequential to Prince Carl Philip who wants what he wants.
I might blog about this so act surprised if you read it, but I highly recommend the Swedish Royal Family investigate her charity before the wedding. I think there might have been a bit of a internet clean-up before the engagement because there were a few things I looked for and couldn’t find.
Sylvia has spent a decade with her World Childhood Foundation, and now Maddie works there too, trying to stop sex trafficking and to have girls valued as people not sex objects. Now Sylvia has a fame whore for a future daughter-in-law, a person who has spent her whole life trading on her body for money and fame.

The PR machine of Sweden’s royal court will be in overdrive to convince people that Sofia Hellqvist is a good choice.
GC disliked him (and probably still does) and he still obviously would like for CP to be heir, after all, the man expressed that he didn’t think women could rule. Still no one knows how she actually managed to live in New York with a part time youga instructor salary. She probably did had a sugar daddy, else it makes no sense how she was able to survive with just one roommate. He will also lose his looks and possibly, his hair, from the stress of realizing he was played while the whole world watched, aghast.
Out of all the billions of women on the earth why can’t these over priviledged men attract someone of a higher caliber for a life partner? It was founded by someone else, she latched on to it later in her clean-up campaign and she’s now listed as co-founder. Someone who has chosen to use severely disadvantaged children in her PR scheme to try to fool people into thinking she’s changed.
Track it all back far enough, and they’re just the people who cheated or fought their way to the top. Unless the roommate had a very large wallet and didn’t mind paying for the bulk of the expenses.
Nothing about her (so far) indicates anything genuine except her need for fame & tons of money. Perhaps her parents didn’t have the time or the money to send her off to the dentist for a dental makeup like Ma Middleton did to Kate? Carl Philip comes across as an arrogant playboy who lives the high life on taxpayers money. And I wonder how Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine really feel about this woman becoming part of the Royal Family.

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