Better known as Zombie Boy, the undead-obsessed model has covered the majority of his person with tattoos meticulously designed to make him look like a walking, decomposing corpse.
Sounds cool - loads of people have masculine looking moth tattoos so a butterfly shouldnt be much different.
Originally Posted by dave_m141 just want a more wider wing spread look if you get what i mean lol Dirty bugger. Originally Posted by dave_m141 and sweet, yeah my sleeve consists of lillys, orchids and i have 2 red roses in there that make it stand out.
I have a butterfly tattoo, it's one tattoo that has alot of meaning to me, it's tradtional in style like all my other tattoos.

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But Genest and the visual effect largely eclipse the brand message, which is itself a bit vague. But the Dermablend spot opens with Genest looking less maggot-infested—just another boring, brooding white guy with some metal in his face. Staring into the camera while trying fiercely to look defiant, he strips off his shirt and proceeds to engage in a stilted, ritualistic cleansing. Peepz lyk diz stil exist.(0) (Reply) Nairalander Swiftboy Has Won The Best Rising Star Award Voting Contest.

With the help of a little video editing, his more familiar grinning-skull visage emerges from behind the cloth, and the ad launches into a reverse-time lapse, revealing a gaggle of artists painting Zombie Boy normal.

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