If someone was to ask me to list my favourite things tattooed brides, bright rainbow colours and cute, furry animals would all fare pretty high on my list. Can we also just please stop for one minute and share some love for Aimee & Ben’s ink?! Full body tattoos do not actually mean that the whole body has been designed with pictures and elements. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. So needless to say I didn’t hesitate when I was sent this bridal shoot by wedding photographer Martin Hobby! They both got talking via facebook about some weddings they’d both seen and liked on the blog and so after getting to know each other well in this informal way,  Naomi shot her vow renewal to Ben.

The tattoo shop owning groom and his punk rock bride got hitched in October so I hope to follow this up with their kick ass, heavily tattooed wedding asap!
Thank you to Gwenda, Martin and the whole team for sharing this awesome shoot with us today. Since, individuals have different preferences and prefer, the tattoos are also designed in consonance with their wishes and wants.
Some like to keep it small and simple like the tattoos etched behind the hearing or on you or collar-bone. People get various types and elements on their body by means of full tattoos that range from being wonderful to fascinating. There is also a significant amount from the fancy and displaying types who believe that the bigger it is, better it looks.

Get a glance of how these propagate out tattoo items look like through these full body tattoos shown here. In fact, they can be known as true tattoo fans because they spend most of their skin space for the art type.

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