There are books and magazines and lots of information online about permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing so there is no excuse for being poorly informed prior to an eyebrow tattoo procedure. Some of the books that I recommend deal with reasons to get an eyebrow tattoo or permanent makeup and others explain personal benefits and risks.
Although you may have an hour consultation with a permanent makeup specialist prior to the procedure, it is difficult for you to know what questions to ask and for a specialist to give you all the information available in such a short span of time.
It also contains information regarding safety and includes testimonials from women from different parts of the world who tell about their positive cosmetic tattooing experiences and how their tattoo eyebrows have turned out. This book is directed toward a professional permanent makeup and eyebrow tattooing specialists and offers the steps that qualified professionals will take in creating eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner, lip liner and full lip procedures. The author Debbie McClellan is a qualified and experienced cosmetic tattooing expert who, as a permanent makeup specialist for more than 13 years, has 10,000 successful procedures to her credit. If you’re like me (before I decided to tattoo my eyebrows), and are tired of the daily ritual of makeup, and desire to have perfect eyeliner, eyebrows and outlined lips then author Eleonora Hanit suggests that permanent makeup may be what you need. Eleonora Habnit is a specialist in the field and her book offers many eyebrow pictures and before and after shots of those who have had permanent makeup. She also discusses ways to find and work together with a professional if you are considering a procedure and gives an idea on eyebrow tattoo cost. This book, written in 2006, may be a little outdated as to the newest equipment, but Pamela Hill’s suggestions regarding permanent makeup and eyebrow tattos techniques that remain timeless. This book is designed both for the tattoo specialist as well as the general public with topics for how to get involved in this profession, and for those already qualified, how to expand on techniques.
Although it is designed as a guide for plucking and shaping your own brows, it has pertinent information that you can discuss with a cosmetic tattoo professional to help you and your specialist achieve the best permanent eyebrows.
Victoria Bush offers 13 chapters on how to create the perfect eyebrow by comparing what other beauty and eyebrow shaping experts have written and expanding upon that information. Again this book is not specific to the permanent makeup industry, but it is specific to eyebrows, and before any cosmetic tattooing or before a micropigmentation tattoo specialist even comes near to working on your brows, YOU must know the shape and style and have a plan for what you hope to achieve. This book can help you decide on tattoo patterns for your brow and how you can work with a specialist to get that perfect eyebrow shape perhaps by using the suggestions to play with temporary tattoo eyebrows before getting the real deal, or by shaping your natural brows better so that eyebrows tattoos will simply enhance what you already have achieved naturally.
International makeup artist Robert Jones believes any woman can be beautiful and he details how this is possible with a step-by-step guide and lots of photos. Although this book does not discuss permanent makeup techniques nor eyebrow tattoos, it is a perfect compliment to cosmetic tattooing treatments because the end result is for a woman to use her features to look her best.
Tattooed eyebrows, perfect eyeliner and even lips filled with permanent color are a great place to begin, but it’s still necessary to know simple techniques to camouflage flaws and how to make your new eyes and brows really work in your favor.
Although he does not specialize in permanent makeup tattooing, make up tattoo micropigmentation or specific eyebrow tattooing applications, he touches on these topics and his advice and suggestions are pertinent for those who are contemplating procedures in conjunction with a cosmetics tattoo, such as scare removal and illness related cosmetic enhancement needs.
This book offers a guide to surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic treatment of patients with darker skin pigmentation — African, Asian, and Latin descent and is actually written by a variety of international experts.
Amongst the wide range of surgical topics he does include advice on micropigmentation and permanent tattooing procedures and also on tattoo removal and skin discoloration.
Robyn Cosio, a renowned make-up artist in New York and LA who specialized in eyebrows, has provided an eyebrow shaping and designing encyclopedia that includes a historical overview of the brow, and offers facts that are also entertaining such as how women used false eyebrows from mouse hides in the 1700’s. There are many examples of famous eyebrows and how the eyebrow gives shape to ears, and she even discusses male brows. She does not discuss eyebrow tattooing at any length but does provide many ideas for designs and shapes and the book is full of eyebrow photographs which may be helpful to those who are contemplating redesigning their brows with eyebrow cosmetic tattooing procedures. There are full color pictures and lots of brows and lots of simple beauty suggestions for beginners.
Linda Mason is a professional makeup artist from New York who in this book has catered more to a young audience, however the eyebrow shapes in the 55 looks she offers in full color illustrations are good to find a brow that will be right for a younger person and for the older women who may want to see the difference between brows and makeup styles from fun daywear to dramatic eveningwear. There are diagrams and instructions for makeup, but for those who are considering eyebrow tattoo procedures the photos are a great way to get an idea of what is possible, see different face shapes and arches and to see how makeup can be later applied to enhance the brows and facial features once the cosmetic tattooing has been completed.
This may be a beauty book for beginners written to promote The Body Shop products, however, it is a very useful tool for those who are needing inspiration while seeking to change their eyebrow shape or their look because the photographs are not of perfect western models but beautiful real people from all around the world with a variety of skin tones and complexions and facial features. This book does not discuss cosmetic tattooing but does offer real advice for looking your best and has lovely pictures of eyebrows that may provide the basis for eyebrow cosmetic tattooing.
Remember a little tee tree will sooth the swelling immediately after the eyebrow tattoo procedure and help to avoid excessive scabbing and crusting during the healing process.
Professional makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian has created a beautiful book with techniques and styles for Asian women of all ages and ethnicities. Although the technical aspects of cosmetic tattooing procedures are not discussed, I suggest it as a resource for finding YOUR look.

Bobbi Brown, if you don’t already know, is an internationally renowned makeup artist and CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. My list of beauty books and eyebrow enhancement suggestions and photo idea books would just not be complete with at least one of Bobbi Brown’s books. This book is by the famous Kevyn Aucoin who needs no introduction since his work is on the faces of Cher, Tina Turner, Vanessa Williams, Julia Roberts and others. The final chapter is entertaining and fantastic with the likes of Isabella Rosselini, Demi Moore, and Nicole Kidman as made-up characters that are wonderfully photographed. Just for fun and ideas, check out these gorgeous star’s eyebrows for permanent make up eyebrow tattoo inspirations. Kevyn Aucoin’s other bestseller, Face Forward, is also a great book for eyebrow tattoo shape ideas.
Author Stephen Bosniak, both an eye surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon, has complied invaluable information regarding surgical and non-surgical procedures to help you select which ones to use to rejuvenate your eyes; everything from brow lifts to Botox and semi-permanent makeup.
This book is not only informative regarding micropigmentation options and eyebrow tattoos and permanent makeup solutions but is also filled with helpful illustrations. Nutritionist, and beauty advisor Julie Gabriel discusses green health and beauty, and ways to make your own beauty products. Yes I know this book has nothing to do with eyebrow tattoos in specific, but since I love to make my own beauty products with olive oil, shea butter, avocado and cucumber, I thought I’d share this with you, so that after your permanent makeup procedure you can come home to nourish your skin in natural ways and keep your permanent makeup permanently lovely on fresh skin.
Nena Argent, editorial director of EbT magazine since 2009, oversees online editorial content in English and Spanish. I've decided just to embrace the madness, accept it's going to be a flipping busy few months and power on. But my 5am starts meant I got 4 solid hours of work under my belt before the rest of the UK even got to their desks.
Late night working, intelligent conversation and any desire to leave the house pretty much dissolve around 9pm. I guess this is excusable, providing you've done a good day's work prior to morphing into The Grinch? I yearned for cherry laden gateaux and puzzled over how to overcome the technical challenges of adding mechanisms and little birds on springs. Tahiti Tattoo on Back Shoulder for Men representing two of the most important models of the Ancient Polynesian Mythology as are the Shark & the Turtle.
Beautiful Armour Tatoo of Modern Polynesian Style on half Pectoral, Clavicle & Shoulder which main element seems a star or sun in the centre of the upper clavicle.
A few of the books have been written for aestheticians, technicians and cosmetic tattooing professionals however these books also contain valuable information that a client may also benefit from. That is why this book is great for you to read before the procedure because it has the 65 most common questions and their answers regarding permanent makeup. It helps with making the all important color decision for matching hair colors and even skin undertones. Her book discusses implanting techniques and if touchups are really a normal part of makeup tattooing follow-up procedures.
She answers questions about migration and how to properly measure brows when drawing them on before the tattooing begins. She also suggests that if your hands are shaky or you are allergic to cosmetic products the choice of having cosmetic tattooing or an eyebrow tattoo may be right for you. There is also information for those who are contemplating becoming specialists in this area of tattoo art. It may be useful for those who are contemplating a permanent makeup procedure because it helps to decide what shape and style of brow will be best with your face shape and to enhance your best features and also may provide ideas for temporary eyebrow tattoos that you can later have made into permanent ones. There are few book son the market that have this much eyebrow specific information that is laid out in terms any woman can easily follow and understand. Victoria Bush is a makeup artist, image consultant and has a line of eyebrow enhancement products. How to apply a little foundation makeup in a way that will make her feminine after her procedures can be useful.
The book is edited by a world-renowned researcher on pigmentation disorders and is enhanced with over 350 color illustrations. This is not a book I recommend for its intellectual merits or as a guide on cosmetic tattoo or microimplataion procedures. It’s a picture book with lots of Sephora products but the faces and their eyebrows may serve to inspire your new eyebrow tattoo!

And, The Body Shop has some excellent products for caring for your skin; especially tea tree oil products that will help to care for your eyebrow tattoos after your procedure is finished.
There are also tea tree sprays that you can lightly mist your face with when you feel your tattoo eyebrows itch and cannot scratch or rub them after days after the procedure. I have included this book on my recommended list not because it is the best beauty book on the market but because it has 100 full-color photographs of Asian women that might inspire eyebrow tattoos from where eyebrow tattooing began – Asia. Since this book is filled with gorgeous pictures that do not try to make Asians look Caucasian but enhance their own unique beauty features, I believe it is essential for international women who seek eyebrow ideas and makeup tips prior to micropigmentation or tattoo eyebrows enhancement. You can select any of her books because they are all great, well written, easy to understand and have lots of glossy pictures. Again this incredible makeup artist shows what he can do to faces like those of Calista Flockhart, Jodie Foster, Jewel, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Pfeiffer, Diana Ross, Christy Turlington, and Vanessa Williams. Marian Zilkha, an eye surgeon, who tells of the latest medical procedures from Brazil to New York. She joined EbT after ten years as an investigative journalist in Asia where she researched oriental health, nutrition and beauty treatments. Inside her, on the centre, we can see a big circular ancient cross symbol with a small dummie head as nucleus.
Being an active participant will encourage the specialist to give you the best treatment possible and you will find the cosmetic tattoo experience a fascinating one as you journey into the world of your own beauty. She offers quite extensive information on skin undertones because by knowing these tones it can help to decide on the best possible colors for cosmetic tattoos. There are suggestions on how to improve the shape and style of the brow as well as tips for lips, especially lip liner procedures and how to fill them in. She writes that permanent tattooing can help to conceal scars and be the last step to completing a look after cosmetic or plastic surgery. For professionals she gives information on color, equipment, certification and professional associations in the United States.
For readers who are interested in undergoing a cosmetic procedure for the first time, she discusses aspects of anatomy and physiology and explains pigments and how the best results can be achieved. The great thing about this book is that’s not about celebrities or unattainable model looks but about how to enhance your skin and eyes and bring your best to the forefront with your own true beauty from the inside out.
It has been recommended by Rhonda Shasteen, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Mary Kay Inc. Perry, a plastic surgeon for over 20 years, gives general information on all procedures pertaining to cosmetic treatments. It is simply a book that may be useful to guide those who are searching for a new look and need ideas. Bobbi is also the exclusive beauty editor of NBC’s TODAY show and a frequent guest on E! This book includes some breathtaking photos that may inspire you and your cosmetician to create the best eyebrow tattoos yet.
Now based in Europe, she reports on the latest beauty trends, health issues, high-tech medical advancements and state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures from around the world. The two fins has been designed symmetrical in the same way with lines of fishes, lines of swells and symbols of polynesian emerges on the points. She also discusses the lip colors that are best and most often used, and how to keep colors looking rich.
It is a book that is dedicated to the public and will also be useful to permanent makeup practitioners, cosmetic surgeons, tattoo artists, and anyone who is the beauty and cosmetics industry.
This is an illustrated book with eyebrow tattoo pictures and photographs of the techniques and what to expect from permanent tattooing makeup procedures. He discusses benefits and risks and explains terms and offers suggestions for finding doctors and facilities. It is an ideal book to read if you are considering any kind of cosmetic surgery or skin-care procedures as well as those who need advice regarding tattoo removal.

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